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Our Department is recognized for the reputation of its faculty members in a variety of research fields. They devote much of their time writing and editing research publications, training students and postdoctoral fellows, as well as organizing and participating in internal/external research-related seminars and conferences.  

Areas in which departmental members are particularly active include: 

  • Actuarial & Financial Mathematics
  • Analysis & Geometry
  • Dynamical Systems & Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education
  • Mathematical Physics & Differential Geometry
  • Number Theory & Computer Algebra
  • Probability & Statistics

There is also much emphasis on applications in other fields such as Biology, Finance, Mathematical Computing,
Image Recognition and Signal Processing.

CRM Laboratories

Most of our faculty are members of the Centre de recherches mathematiques (CRM) laboratories, a major hub in the mathematical sciences involving more than 200 researchers from twelve major universities in Quebec and Ontario:

Applied Mathematics

Brugiapaglia, S.


David, C.
Iovita, A.
Kisilevsky, H.
Rosso, G.


Mathematical Analysis

Boyarsky, A.
Dafni, G.,
Gora, P.,
Kokotov, A.
Shnirelman, A.
Stancu, A.
Stern, R.


Mathematical Physics

Bertola, M.
Harnad, J.
Korotkin, D.


Popovic, L.
Sun, W.
Zhou, X.


Gaillardetz, P.
Garrido, J.
Godin, F.
Hyndman, C.
Mailhot, M.


Chaubey, Y.P.
Sen, A.

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