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The Department of Mathematics & Statistics can assist you in your studies: meet with one of our Student Advisors to know what courses are required for your program, attend our Math Help Centre to get help with your math problems, etc. The Faculty and University can help with other requests; to know more about their services, visit the Student hub.


All calculators must have stickers attached to them; those without
stickers will not be permitted during final examinations.

Students taking any of our departmental courses, including sections of
ENGR 213 and 233 taught by our professors, may come to the
Department (LB 901) to request a calculator sticker.

Students not taking one of our courses must
go to their home department to request a sticker.

Prior to coming to the Department, please make sure your calculator
is on the list of approved models (list is found below).

If you do not have an approved model, you may
purchase one from the Concordia Bookstore and then
come to the Department to request the sticker.

Note that the Bookstore will supply the sticker for the
following departmental recommended calculators if purchased there:

Sharp EL-531 and Casio FX-300MS

Casio FX-82AU  Casio FX-220 
Casio FX-82ES  Casio FX-250HA 
Casio FX-82ES Plus  Casio FX-250HC 
Casio FX-350ES Plus (2nd Edition) Casio FX-260 Solar Fraction 
Casio FX-82L  Casio FX-260 Solar II
Casio FX-82LB  Casio FX-270W 
Casio FX-82MS  Casio FX-270W Plus
Casio FX-82 Super  Casio FX-280
Casio FX-82SX  Casio FX-300ES
Casio FX-82TL  Casio FX-300ES Plus
Casio FX-82W  Casio FX-300ES Plus (2nd edition)
Casio FX-83ES  Casio FX-300MS
Casio FX-83MS  Casio FX-300MS (2nd Edition)
Casio FX-85ES  Casio FX-300W
Casio FX-85MS  Casio FX-350ES
Casio FX-85W  Casio FX-350ES Plus
Casio FX-911W  Casio FX-82ES Plus (2nd Edition) 
Casio FX-92 College  Casio FX-350HA
Casio FX-92 College III  Casio FX-350MS
Casio FX-92 College New +  Casio FX-350TL
Casio FX-95  Casio FX-350TLG
Casio FX-95MS  Casio FX-500A
Casio FX-100S  Casio FX-500ES
Sharp EL-509A                    Sharp EL-531P 
Sharp EL-509D  Sharp EL-531R 
Sharp EL-509G  Sharp EL-531RH 
Sharp EL-509H  Sharp EL-531TG
Sharp EL-509LH  Sharp EL-531TH 
Sharp EL-509RH  Sharp EL-531V
Sharp EL-509VH  Sharp EL-531VH 
Sharp EL-510R  Sharp EL-531W 
Sharp EL-510RN  Sharp EL-531WH 
Sharp EL-513W  Sharp EL-531X 
Sharp EL-515  Sharp EL-531XG 
Sharp EL-520L  Sharp EL-531XT
Sharp EL-531A  Sharp EL-W531 Write View
Sharp EL-531G  Sharp EL-W535 Write View 
Sharp EL-531H  Sharp EL-W535TG Write View
Sharp EL-531L  Sharp EL-W535X Write View
Sharp EL-531LH  Sharp EL-W535XG Write View

Complex Math/Complex Numbers
Numeric Integration
Matrix Inversion
Financial or programmable
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