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Jessica Roda

Jessica Roda is a 2016-2018 SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at CEREV. Having a background in musicology, ethnomusicology and anthropology from France and Canada, her research interests focus on the making and representation of ethnic and religious identities after the rupture of social ties in the aftermath of war, omission and repression, heritage-making, as well as on intercultural and interreligious dialogue. At CEREV, she will investigate the construction of kinship ties among the ex Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities of Montreal and New York City. The author of over twenty articles, Jessica regularly presents conferences in French, English, and Portuguese as a guest researcher (USA, Brazil, Japan, France) and as a speaker in academic, associative, community and cultural milieus. In addition to co-editing the book Heritage and Cultural Diversity (2015, Presses de l’Université du Québec) with Daniela Moisa, she is also Research Associate at the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies and the Groupes Sociétés, Religions et Laïcités (CNRS, GSRL).

Selected bibliography


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Encyclopaedia Entry

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