Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Why study Italian?

Learning Italian and studying Italian literature is a gateway to the world’s past and present achievements of outstanding art and culture. From the Renaissance to contemporary Italy, explore architecture, art history, cinema, and fashion, to name just some fields in which Italy has made, and continues to make, quintessential contributions.

As a founding member of the European Union, Italy plays a key role in the modern world. A look at its cultural, economic and political life includes fascinating, relevant topics like the rise of new mafias and dark economic systems; refugee crises and immigration; contemporary cinema. You will acquire a deep understanding of Italian culture, traditions, history, literature and media through innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.

Montreal is home to a vibrant Italian community, giving you ample opportunities to practice your Italian. Another option: take classes and live in Italy for a term or an academic year, with the support of Quebec government funding and Concordia International. Our partner universities include the Università di Bologna, the oldest university in the world, and the Università di Roma III.

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Program Details

A Bachelor of Arts degree takes a minimum of three or four years (90 – 120 credits) of full-time study, depending on your academic background.


  • Honours in Italian (60 credits)*
  • Major in Italian (42 credits)
  • Minor in Italian (30 credits)

*Honours is a highly concentrated program, ideal for students planning to continue to graduate studies. If you are interested in Honours, speak with your program advisor in your first year of study at Concordia. Students applying to the University are able to apply to the major.

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