Celebrating the success of our outstanding students!

The Showcase committee has selected 21 students to exhibit their accomplishments. They represent all the major undergraduate and graduate Co-op programs.


A big thank you to our amazing students for their participation and hard work!


Aerospace Engineering – Adriana M. Orta Bracho

Adriana Maria Orta Bracho

Building Engineering – Carl Bérubé

Carl Bérubé

Civil Engineering – Mikaël Turcotte

Mikaël Turcotte

Computer Engineering – Étienne Bérubé

Étienne Bérubé

Computer Science (MApCompSc) – Namita Faujdar

Namita Faujdar

Computer Science – Javier Fernandez-Rial Portela

Javier Fernandez-Rial Portela

Industrial Engineering – Mehdi Boudiffa

Mehdi Boudiffa

Industrial Engineering (Career Edge) – Taieb Ben Thabet

Taieb Ben Thabet

Mechanical Engineering – Dewakar Sundaram

Dewakar Sundaram

Software Engineering – Derek Yu

Derek Yu

Accountancy – Amanda Hannus

Amanda Hannus

Finance – Gabriel De La Garza

Gabriel De La Garza

Human Resources Management – Michelle Frei

Michelle Frei

International business – Jeffrey Duong-Boudrias

Jeffrey Duong-Boudrias

Marketing – Valérie Molino

Valérie Molino

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Ethan Farzin

Ethan Farzin

Supply Chain Operations Management – Daniela Ondrechak

Daniela Ondrechak

Business Technology Management – Pizant Sarkissian

Pizant Sarkissian

Cell and Molecular Biology – Victoria Veas Roy

Victoria Veas Roy

Chemistry – Kwan Ming Tam

Kwan Ming Tam
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