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Cabinet Shuffle

Created by doctoral student William Robinson as part of David Waddington's broader research project on games and citizenship, Cabinet Shuffle is a political simulation game that explores a critical moment in Canadian politics: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's inaugural federal cabinet.

In 2015, Trudeau explained that he wanted to "present to Canada a cabinet that looks like Canada" and was widely lauded for his unprecedented commitment to diversity and gender parity in his cabinet selections. However, Trudeau was criticized for selecting ministers with comparatively less experience in federal politics, sparking a debate about meritocracy.

Inspired in part by Trudeau's choices, Cabinet Shuffle is a game that lets players explore a simplified version of these decisions in a casual and fun way. It hopes to encourage discussion about identity and politics, while also familiarizing players with the people who govern Canada.

More information about the game, including ordering information and instructional videos, is available at

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