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Léa Clermont-Dion, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Concordia University


Léa Clermont-Dion is a filmmaker and postdoctoral student at Concordia University. She has a PhD in political science from Laval University. Her research focuses on cyberviolences against women, feminist empowerment on social media, violence against women, etc. She has received the Vanier scholarship, one of the most prestigious doctoral scholarships in Canada. Léa has worked with the Councilon the Status of Women, the Secrétariat à la condition feminine, and the Association de la Munyu de la Comoé, a partner of OXFAM in Burkina Faso. She has given over two hundred presentations on women’s issues, including presentations to the Council of Europe. She has directed a dozen shorts for Radio-Canada in Austria, France, the UK, Hungary, and Germany. She is the director of three documentaries: T’as juste à porter plainte (Noovo), Backlash: Misogyny in The Digital Age (La Ruelle Films) and Janette et filles (La Ruelle Films). She is also the author of three books La revanche des moches (2014), Les Superbes (2016) and Crève avec moi (2019).


• 2021: Ph.D. Political Science, Université Laval
• 2014: M.A. Political Science (Accelerated Passage), Université Laval
• 2013: B.A. Political Science, Université du Québec à Montréal (Two-term exchange at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris)


Clermont-Dion, L. & Lopes, I. (2022), Cyberviolence & Youth: Example of a Project Aiming to Educate and Prevent, International ISPCAN Congress.

Clermont-Dion, L. & Lopes, I. (2021), Environnement numérique : perspectives critiques et enjeux de bien-être chez les enfants et les adolescents, ACFAS Annual Conference.

Clermont-Dion, L. (2021). A discursive analysis of antifeminist speeches on social media in Quebec. Feminist Media Studies. Reviewed and resubmitted.

Clermont-Dion, L. (2021). Les discours antiféministes : une analyse sous le prisme des violences faites aux femmes. Nouvelles Questions féministes. Reviewed and resubmitted.

Clermont-Dion, L. (2019). How advertisers and advocates are dismantling gender stereotypes in media [Paper presentation]. Women Deliver, Vancouver, Canada.

Clermont-Dion, L. (2016). Review of the book "Equal and different? Identity and difference in American feminist theories (1970-1990)". Canadian Journal of Political Science, 49(3).

Clermont-Dion, L. (2016). Review of the book "The 'Amazons of Terror'. On women's political violence from the Red Army Faction to Direct Action." Feminist Research, 28(2).

Clermont-Dion, L. (2016). Sexism on the web: the Quebec case. In Y. Barrette & N. Bautista Beauchesne (Eds.), Quebec at a time of choices: a look at the major issues. North-South Dialogue.

Research creation & creative output

• 2022 | Co-writer and co-director, feature documentary Backlash : Misogyny in the Digital Age. Broadcaster: Radio-Canada, Documentary Channel (CBC) Producer: La Ruelle Films. Financed by Telefilm Canada, SODEC, Telus Fund, Rogers Fund.
• 2022 | Co-writer and director, medium-length documentary Janette et filles. Broadcaster: Télé-Québec Producer: La Ruelle Films.
• 2021| Writer and director, medium-length documentary T'as juste à porter plainte. Broadcaster: Noovo Producer: Toros
• 2018-2022 | Columnist, Analysis on digital issues and social movements, On dira ce qu'on voudra Radio: ICI PREMIÈRE
• 2016-18 | Host, Mitsou et Léa, seasons 1,2,3. Broadcaster: Moi et cie Producer: Déferlantes.
• 2014 | Conceptor and co-writer, Beauté fatale. Broadcaster: Télé-Québec Producer: A-média and Zone 3

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