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An exciting partnership between Concordia University, Le Monde, NewCities and Le Devoir


October 24 – November 29, 2019

Next-generation cities are inclusive, connected, collaborative, eco, mobile, and encourage engagement. How are Concordians reimagining and reinventing the ways in which we dwell in and develop metropolitan areas to ensure that our urban communities are empowered, resilient, flourishing and just?

From designing environmentally-responsive and efficient cities to prioritizing the conservation of biodiversity and minimizing energy consumption, researchers at Concordia are striving to make our cities sustainable. During the NextGenCities programming, visitors engaged with our display zones featuring the latest research from Carmela Cucuzzella, Mohamed Ouf, Elizabeth Fast, Jing Hu, Shauna Janssen, Cynthia HammondUrsula Eicker, Chunyan Lai, Rebecca Tittler, Carly Ziter, Alice Jarry, Silvano De La Llata, Zachary Patterson, and Jochen Jaeger.


Conserving Biodiversity

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Concordia's Living Lab

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To Sprawl or Not To Sprawl

A discussion of urban development in Montréal
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Mind. Heart. Mouth.

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Concordia's Concrete Toboggan Team

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Climate Stories

An Inuk Perspective, with Jason Sikoak
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Mini-Cinema Zone

The City Mule

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Alice Jarry's Dust Agitators

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