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What is 4TH SPACE?

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, 4TH SPACE is a uniquely flexible public space that acts as your gateway to the research and learning activities at Concordia University. Through an ongoing series of events, we regularly engage with a new question, project, or initiative happening at Concordia.

As a type of living lab, we are always experimenting with new methods to create learning experiences and to mobilize knowledge. In the space, we help put the research of Concordians into action through experiential learning activities like podcasts, research-creation experiences, workshops, hack-a-thons, and public talks. 


We work collaboratively across disciplines to create programming that fosters knowledge-sharing, building community relationships and industry partnerships.


Browse our programming to discover what we've explored so far. If you have an idea for a project that you want to work with us to realize at 4TH SPACE, get in touch.

How we work

4TH SPACE collaborates with Concordia faculty members, students, and staff to develop activities that offer free and public interactive experiences, making research, teaching, and university initiatives accessible and experiential.

Our hours of operation

4TH SPACE is open Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Our capacity

4TH SPACE is outfitted with custom furniture, tables and chairs. We have 35 audience chairs and can welcome up to 50 people seated.

Making events happen

We prioritize interdisciplinary events that allow participants to gain a behind-the-scenes experience of what research looks like.

4TH SPACE is best activated via workshops, hackathons, cross-disciplinary conversations, and research residencies. As a space for knowledge-sharing, we are best suited for activities that engage audiences in the process of inquiry. An agile space, complete with mobile screens, floor drains, a test kitchen, and flexible seating - 4TH SPACE invites you to experiment!

Our formats

We have many different methods or formats that work well to bring an idea to life, including: live events, video interviews, podcasts, research residencies, games, cooking demos, lab tours and inquiries into research tools and text resources.


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