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Concordian Michael Lecchino wins a 3M National Student Fellowship

The marketing undergrad is recognized for his inspirational and innovative leadership
May 29, 2024
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Michael Lecchino: “The number one skill I value is servant leadership. That means ensuring that everyone can focus on their tasks while providing support and assistance.”

John Molson School of Business marketing student Michael Lecchino has been awarded a 3M National Student Fellowship. Lecchino is one of 10 Canadian undergraduate students receiving the honour, given by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) to recognize students for their leadership, innovation and vision for postsecondary education.

“Michael leads with empathy and inspires others in numerous ways,” says Jordan LeBel, John Molson professor of marketing, who nominated him for the fellowship.

“Through his work ethic, his inclusive attitude and his cultural sensitivity and humility, Michael sets a path that inspires others to get involved. He does not shy from taking on pressing and important issues and he excels in devising efficient and sustainable solutions.”

Servant community leadership

Lecchino has held several leadership roles at Concordia and in the broader community, stating that his interest in getting involved comes from curiosity and a drive to be part of a dedicated team.

His community work began as a founding member and the first president of the LaSalle Youth Council, a position he continues to hold. The council encourages civic engagement and advocacy in the Montreal borough, communicating young people’s concerns and proposed solutions to elected officials.

Lecchino’s passion for youth engagement in policy-making has also extended internationally. As a delegate and the communications lead for the Young Diplomats of Canada, he has participated in G7 Youth Summits (Y7) in Germany and, most recently, in Italy in May 2024.

At Concordia, Lecchino is an elected councillor with the Concordia Student Union (CSU) and has served on various committees. On the Library Services Fund Committee, he worked with Concordia Library staff on integrating the Art Volt Collection into the Georges P. Vanier Library, showcasing student and alumni works.

He has also been a leader in the competitive arena of business case competitions, competing and holding an executive role with the John Molson Competition Committee (JMCC). During this time, JMCC has taken home prizes in major case competitions regionally and internationally.

At JMCC, Lecchino has trained delegates, built winning teams and developed a partnership with professional services company Accenture for its Accent on the Community program. This collaboration allows business students to provide pro bono consulting for Montreal nonprofits, pitching their solutions to Accenture’s senior leadership.

Lecchino’s initiative in improving student life has led to multiple awards and scholarships for him, including the Louyse Lussier Award from the Concordia Council on Student Life and the Quebec Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal.

With each honour, Lecchino was recognized for his supportive approach to leadership.

“The number one skill I value is servant leadership. That means ensuring that everyone can focus on their tasks while providing support and assistance,” he says.

“Then, once you’re involved, you pass it forward to the next student who’s interested. It’s important to help others get recognition for their work.”

From uncertainty to achievement

Despite his extensive resumé, Lecchino reveals that he faced initial uncertainty about his postsecondary-education path.

“I came to Concordia as an independent student because I couldn’t get into my undergraduate program of choice,” he says. “I was in a rut and unsure how to continue, so I started taking classes that purely interested me, like languages and film.”

Through these courses, Lecchino built up his GPA, was recognized by professors for his academic performance and ignited his interest in his studies, ultimately gaining admission to the John Molson School.

Now, Lecchino is looking into pursuing graduate studies — potentially at Concordia — an interest he attributes to his research experience during his undergrad years, specifically working with LeBel.

Encouraging youth engagement in education

As a 3M student fellow, Lecchino will participate in the STLHE conference in June, where he will meet the other fellows. He will also work with the cohort on a collaborative project aimed at addressing issues in higher education and society.

The opportunity aligns well with one of his aspirations: becoming a board member at his high school. Lecchino says he hopes he can make an impact in education by implementing more adaptive curricula while encouraging high school students to take advantage of the engagement and funding opportunities that are available to them.

“I want to set students up for success and get them exposed to things I wish I had known in high school. I would tell them: get involved and keep trying,” he says.

“Introducing students to opportunities where they can realize their full potential makes me extremely happy.”

Get involved in student life at Concordia. Learn more about the 3M National Student Fellowship.



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