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Concordia engineering prof appointed to the Order of Canada

Osama Moselhi received the country’s highest honour for his contributions to the fields of construction engineering and education
January 23, 2024
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Osama Moselhi: “This recognition reflects the collaborative spirit and exceptional talents of my students, past and current, and colleagues I’ve worked with.”

In a commendable achievement that highlights a career spanning over four decades, Concordia professor Osama Moselhi has been appointed as a member of the Order of Canada. The Governor General of Canada Mary Simon announced the honour on December 28, 2023.

The accolade is a testament to his contributions to construction engineering and education.

Moselhi is a professor in the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science and the director of Concordia’s Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Engineering and Management (CICIEM). His career blends academic and industry expertise.

Throughout his working life, Moselhi has been instrumental in the design, construction and project management of significant engineering projects. He has worked on skyscrapers, bridges, nuclear power plant facilities and harbour and maritime structures.

“Receiving this honour was an incredibly moving and humbling moment for me,” Moselhi says.

“It transcends being merely a personal achievement; rather, it stands as a testament to my profound appreciation for Canada — a nation whose values in education, environmental stewardship, peace and human rights I hold in high esteem,” he adds.

“This recognition goes beyond my contributions in teaching and research. It symbolizes a significant contribution to the country I dearly cherish and respect.”

A legacy in construction engineering and education

Moselhi is a fellow of several organizations: the Association for Advancement in Cost Engineering (AACE International), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) and the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE).

He has left an indelible mark on the construction engineering sector in Canada and beyond, having supervised and co-supervised over 100 master’s and doctoral students. He has also authored more than 400 scientific publications.

Moselhi’s commitment to academic excellence is further evidenced by his past roles as chair of the Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering and as executive advisor to the dean at the Gina Cody School.

The professor’s impact extends to the professional world, where many of his former students now hold leadership positions in industry and academia. Notably, his mentees have risen to vice-presidential roles at companies including SNC-Lavalin, Hydro Québec and Aéroport de Montréal.

In the academic sphere, his former students now hold faculty positions in research institutions across Canada, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

“Dr. Moselhi’s legacy stands as a beacon of excellence in construction engineering and mentorship, setting a high standard for future generations to aspire to,” says Mourad Debbabi, dean of the Gina Cody School.

“The Order of Canada appointment is a fitting recognition of his enduring dedication and exceptional contributions to the field of construction engineering. It not only honours his professional achievements but also his profound impact on shaping the minds and careers of future leaders in the industry.”

Recognition reflects ‘collaborative spirit’

Among his numerous accolades, Moselhi has been previously honoured with the Walter Shanly Award from the CSCE for his outstanding contributions to construction engineering in Canada. He is also a recipient of the Tucker-Hasegawa Award of the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction (IAARC) in recognition of his major, sustained contribution to the field of automation and robotics in construction.

“This recognition from the Order of Canada is not mine alone. It reflects the collaborative spirit and exceptional talents of my students, past and current, and colleagues I’ve worked with — in academia and the industry, in Canada and globally,” Moselhi explains.

“Most importantly, it’s a tribute to the unwavering support and inspiration from my late parents, my daughter Amy and my late wife, Mona Seddik, whose resilience and strength were remarkable, even in the face of long-term illness.”

The Order of Canada, established in 1967, is one of the nation’s highest honours for merit. It is awarded to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions across various fields, significantly enriching Canadian society.

The award celebrates a diverse range of members, from community volunteers to distinguished scholars, acknowledging those who have shown exceptional dedication and service. Moselhi was one of the six members of the Concordia community among the 78 new Order of Canada appointments.

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