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Concordia welcomes its 2021-22 Public Scholars

These 10 grad students are tackling some of today’s most pressing issues
June 8, 2021
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Concordia's Public Scholars engage with the wider community to share the significance of their work and its impact on society.

Concordia’s 2021-22 Public Scholars cohort officially started on May 1.

As PhD candidates from diverse disciplines, these 10 students reflect the innovation, social responsibility and high research quality of the university’s graduate programs.

After spending the first months of their tenure participating in specialized training workshops, the Public Scholars will devote the rest of the academic year engaging with the Concordia community and general public through blogs, social media, events and more.

“The Public Scholars represent Concordia’s exceptional talent at the graduate level,” says Faye Diamantoudi, interim dean of graduate studies.

“These inspiring doctoral students are stepping outside the gates of classical academia to share their ideas and creativity with the broader community.”

This year’s group offers fascinating research exploration in areas such as technology and sexology, social media and mental health, local wildlife, and decolonization.

The 2021-22 Concordia Public Scholars

Alexa Ruel, Psychology

How and why do decision-making strategies change across the lifespan?

Meet Alexa.

Ezgi Ozyonum, Education

How and to what extent do strategies for decolonizing curriculum and pedagogy inform the inclusion of other knowledge systems or ways of knowing?

Meet Ezgi.

Fanny Gravel-Patry, Communications

Why are women turning to Instagram to care for their mental health?

Meet Fanny.

Felicity Hamer, Communications

What role does the imagination play in remembrance?

Meet Felicity.

Geneviève Grégoire-Labrecque, Individualized Program (INDI)

How does youth participation unfold in a school context?

Meet Geneviève.

Louis Lazure, Biology

How does animal behaviour modulate human-wildlife interactions and their management?

Meet Louis.

Mojtaba Hasannezhad, Electrical and Computer Engineering

How can artificial intelligence-based living assistants enhance the quality of life for vulnerable populations?

Meet Mojtaba.

Simon Dubé, Psychology

How can we integrate sexology into human-machine interaction and space programs?

Meet Simon.

Tanya Singh, Marketing

What are the consequences of putting off purchase decisions?

Meet Tanya.

Trish Osler, Art Education

How can art education reach across traditional boundaries to provide us with a more nuanced understanding of creativity?

Meet Trish.

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