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Concordia’s new Science Hub begins to take shape

The Loyola Campus construction project is expected to last until fall 2019
September 18, 2018

The foundations for Concordia’s new Science Hub are near completion as the building begins to take shape. The ambitious project is expected to open its doors to the university community in fall 2019.

What is currently a giant hole at the back of Loyola Campus will eventually be a state-of-the-art scientific facility, designed to support ongoing research, innovation and training at the university.

“This project reflects Concordia’s drive to provide top researchers with the most innovative and appropriate environments to support their research, take their projects to the next level and train students for the jobs of tomorrow,” says Christophe Guy, vice president of Research and Graduate Studies.

A transdisciplinary hub

Kirsten Sutherland, senior director of Project Management in Facilities Management, explains that the design of the facility accommodates many of the transdisciplinary activities that will take place in the new space.

“This will be a next-generation space to foster next-generation education.”

The team of researchers in “the Hub” will include those studying aquatic biology, microscopy, cellular imaging, nanoscience, bioprocessing, and chemical and materials engineering. The expansion will also host science and engineering teams working with Concordia’s District 3 Innovation Center (D3) that require wet lab space.

Housing activities with commercial potential for Concordia’s current and future industrial partners and entrepreneurs, the space will include infrastructure to support the scaling up of projects created in the labs.

Chemists, engineers, health scientists and biologists will work in an environment that encourages transdisciplinary thinking and will lead to new and efficient prototypes, materials and processes with applications in biomedicine, sustainable manufacturing and beyond.

A green, connected building

With complementary architecture and landscaping designed to act as outdoor living spaces, the project is aiming for a LEED Gold certification. If successful, the facility would be the fourth high-performance green building on campus.

An elevated walkway will connect to the existing Richard J. Renaud Science Complex (SP) in order to facilitate movement between the buildings.

In early October, preparations for the link will begin as workers install scaffolding over the main entrance of the SP Building. Construction will start with the removal of the SP exterior building cladding at the junction point.

With more than a year until the expected delivery, Entreprise de Construction T.E.Q. inc., the project’s contractor, has a tight timeline to maintain. The full shell should be complete by early 2019, with delivery of the building in the fall.

Respect the construction zone

Throughout the construction period, please be aware of moving vehicles, respect construction barriers and read signage. For your own safety, do not enter the construction site.

“During this time period, you can expect some minor interruptions that will be carefully planned to minimize impacts to the Concordia community and surrounding neighbourhoods,” says Claude Lazzam, the project manager.

Work will include excavation in several areas adjacent to the SP Building, Psychology (PY) Building, Loyola Jesuit Hall and Conference Centre (RF), and the Loyola Residences (HA, HB, HC and JR). There will also be the occasional closure of the West Broadway entrance. The Terrebonne entrance will remain open for access to the P5 parking lot.

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