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Instructors for required Kenneth Woods Investment Management Program courses reflect on their experiences with the program's students.

FINA 409

This class, titled Applied Investment Analysis is taught jointly by two alumni of the program, Philippe Hynes and Thomas Horvath. The students take this course in the first term of the program and learn the fundamentals of equity investing.

Philippe Hynes, Tonus Capital, KWPMP instructor, FINA 409

"I have seen 12+ cohorts of KWPMP students go through my class. I interact with them as they are just entering the program. Every group is different, but one observation stays constant with each of them: they improve so much their knowledge of markets, portfolio management and stock analysis over the two years they are in the program.

I am always impressed by the maturity and confidence they gain which will certainly serve them throughout their career." – Philippe Hynes, Tonus Capital, KWPMP instructor, FINA 409

Thomas Horvath, KWPMP instructor, FINA 409

"Teaching FINA 409 has been a very rewarding experience. Each year the KWPMP enables eager and driven students to reach their full potential in investment management.

The class focuses on providing the tools to thoroughly analyze a business, build a financial model and create a valuation framework. At the end of the semester, each student will have their own research report in hand that they can demonstrate to potential employers exhibiting their knowledge and passion for a career in asset management.

The aim is to provide students with practical knowledge of how businesses are being analyzed and valued in today’s market. It is quite interesting to see the analysis and opinions of the research associates of the KWPMP within FINA 409 as we encourage that they focus on their respective passions and own experiences when choosing which companies to analyze and discuss within the class." – Thomas Horvath, KWPMP instructor, FINA 409

FINA 455

This class titled Applied Investment Management II is a five-module class taught by five professionals in their respective fields. The KWPMP students take this class in their second term of the first year in the program, further solidifying their knowledge in asset management. The instructors for this class share some thoughts on their experience in teaching in the KWPMP.

David Abramson, Global Macro, instructor, FINA 455

"This group [Class of 2023] was a pleasure to teach because they quickly mastered key global macro concepts for investors. This let us spend most of the lecture time applying those concepts to themes like: how to invest during a deflationary shock like the GFC, or inflation shock, like the world emerging from the pandemic?

What equity sector rotation and bond duration strategy makes sense when the Fed is about to ease? What long-term themes will last far beyond your tenure as KW fund managers? This group was lively, inquisitive and sharp; the 2.5 hours classes flew by." –David Abramson, Global Macro, instructor, FINA 455

Paul Harris, Fixed Income, instructor, FINA 455

"I enjoy teaching the fixed income portion of the program, although seen as a boring asset class next to equities it is an integral part of portfolio management and helps to understand equity valuation and the importance of credit structure in companies.

I think the program is great at offering students practical experience at being an analyst and portfolio management. It is wonderful to see how many students easily get jobs in the field." – Paul Harris, Fixed Income, instructor, FINA 455

Kevin Henley, Real Estate, instructor, FINA 455

"Being given the opportunity to instruct a class within the KWPMP program is a source of great pride for me. Having completed the program in 2017, I recall the significant impact that the previous FINA 455 class had on my education and skill development.

Leading a class prompted me to reflect on the question: How much real estate knowledge can I impart in just three sessions? It proved to be a valuable exercise for me and I trust that it has equipped future generations of KWs with a valuable tool for their professional journey." – Kevin Henley, Real Estate, instructor, FINA 455

Nicolas Renaud, Private Equity, instructor, FINA 455

"The students of KWPMP have truly impressed me with their unwavering dedication and active engagement. Teaching them has been an absolute pleasure.

Their insightful questions reflect their hunger for knowledge and it’s evident that they possess the potential to excel as outstanding financial professionals. Beyond that, their commitment extends to making meaningful contributions to their community. I am genuinely excited to witness their future accomplishments." – Nicolas Renaud, Private Equity, instructor, FINA 455

Ioannis Segounis, Performance Measurement, instructor, FINA 455

"Investment Performance is a niche area of the investment field that is not well understood by the majority of investment professionals. The students in the KWPMP program show great interest and appreciation in learning about this subject matter reflected in their effort and desire to learn. The students are pushed to learn new concepts, take a different point of view to portfolio management and learn new skills in calculating performance." – Ioannis Segounis, Performance Measurement, instructor, FINA 455

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