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Benefactor & supporters

Our benefactor: Mr. Kenneth Woods

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Kenneth Woods for the generous donation that made it possible to create this exceptional program.

Donors & supporters

We also extend our sincere thanks to the following individuals for their generous donations that have enabled us to establish scholarship funds to encourage and support outstanding KWPMP students each year:

  • Randy Kelly
  • David Abramson
  • Donald Walcot
  • Judith Kavanagh
  • Kevin Henley
  • Javier Hernandez-Cotton
  • Charles Morison
  • Ayssar Nasrallah-Fernandez
  • Alex Guarino
  • Ivanna Biloshytska
  • Marco Tremblay
  • Philippe Carmant
  • Madeleine Sedgewick
  • Calvin Truchon

Further thanks to those who have provided special services and support to the program:

Contact us

Sukyong Yang, Director
Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program
Tel: 514-848-2424, ext. 5102

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