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Admissions for Class of 2025


  • Be registered for all required Year 1 courses by April 2023 (COMM 215 – Business Statistics and COMM 217 – Financial Accounting should preferably be completed by December 2023)
  • Finish course work no earlier than December 2025 (two-year commitment to the program)
  • Have a strong academic record (e.g., minimum CEGEP CRC score of 28.5 and University CGPA of 3.5)
  • Membership in the John Molson Investment Society is an asset

How to apply

The annual recruitment season for new KWPMP students starts in the fall term of each year. Updates on dates will be provided as they become available.

  • An in-person information session will take place in the spring, 2023

To register for the information session, apply to the program or obtain more information, please contact the Director of the program, Professor Sukyong Yang, at

Key dates in selection process

There are two rounds of interviews in addition to submitting the application form.

The newly recruited students will receive training in the fall term prior to beginning their official role as research associates in January 2024.

Once accepted to the program

  • KWPMP students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Must follow the KWPMP code of ethics and standards of conduct
  • Must follow a special training program and take:
    • FINA 409 (Applied Investments Part I) in the winter 2024 term
    • FINA 455B (Applied Investments Part II) in the fall 2024 term
    • FINA 455A in the second year of the program
    • FINA 411 (Portfolio Management) within 2 years
    • Weekly seminars with industry professionals
    • Mentor meetings for two years
    • Two summer internships
  • KWPMP students are encouraged to successfully pass the level I CFA examination before graduating

Contact us

Sukyong Yang, Director
Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program
Tel: 514-848-2424, ext. 5102

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