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Class of 2021

The Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program's (KWPMP) Class of 2021 served as Research Associates from January to December of 2020 and will serve as Fund Managers from January to December of 2021.

Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program's Fund Managers From left to right: Thierry Matin, Ali Etwijiri, Darragh Kavanagh, Adnan M’kamel, Ami Zunenshine, Stefan Georgescu

Our cohort’s investment strategy will build upon the core principles of quality investing, with a more bottom-up approach relative to our predecessors. Much like our former cohort, we shall focus on owning a concentrated portfolio of 25–30 names but will remove non-equity and non-credit assets from the portfolio. This will ensure our cohort’s focus is entirely on security analysis. 

As part of our ongoing fund management responsibilities, we shall continue screening names that we believe are quality companies. This would include companies with a high return on invested capital (ROIC), sustainable competitive advantage, a clear path to generating and sustaining free cash flow, management with a strong and relevant track record, and ESG standards that highlight the firm’s sustainable business model.

Although our strategy takes a bottom-up, fundamental approach, our strategists will support the portfolio by continuously analyzing the macro-economic environment. This will enable strategic allocation between equity and fixed-income investments. We believe understanding macroeconomics is increasingly relevant and hence, we aim to monitor evolving global central banking policy, inflation, digital currencies, geopolitical tensions between China and the United States, and a growing voice of discontent among the western middle class.

The Fund Managers for 2021 are Ali Etwijiri, Stefan Georgescu, Darragh Kavanagh, Thierry Matin, Adnan Mkamel, and Ami Zunenshine.

About the current Fund Managers

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