Class of 2022

KWPMP Class of 2022

Left to right: Samer Amaneddine, Ana Maria Gubert-Mitchell, Nathaniel Assouline, Raphael Iliopoulos, Kristoph Bardos,

Our cohort’s invest­ment strategy will build upon the core principles of quality investing, with a greater emphasis on bottom-up investing relative to the fund’s historical strategy. We believe this is especially important in times where we are likely to see macro-economic headwinds persist throughout our entire tenure as fund managers. We have confidence that this strategy whereby the highest quality names are the ones that will be best po­sitioned to maintain their pricing power and relatively steady margins while keeping their financial performance intact relative to peers.

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Sukyong Yang, Director
Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program
Tel: 514-848-2424, ext. 5102

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