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KWPMP Scholarships and Bursaries

A number of scholarships and bursaries have been established for the benefit of students in the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program (KWPMP).

Students are eligible to apply for these awards while they pursue their undergraduate degree, which includes an exceptional opportunity to manage a real-life portfolio at the same time.

Starting in 2023, each student who meets certain criteria will receive an entry scholarship of $2,000 in their first year and $4,000 in their second year of the program.

Among the many notable awards are:

  • The Abraham Brodt Scholarship – created by Kenneth Woods, who founded the KWPMP; Randy Kelly, a former Client Committee member, and a number of alumni to honour the program’s first director
  • The Reena Atanasiadis Scholarship – also established by Kenneth Woods and Randy Kelly to honour Reena Atanasiadis when she stepped down as director of the KWPMP


Client Committee involvement

The program is fortunate to have former client committee members not only donated their time to mentor the students with feedback during the quarterly client committee meetings, but three of them have funded scholarships and bursaries:

  • David Abramson (David Abramson Scholarship)
  • Donald Walcot (Donald Walcot Scholarship)
  • Judith Kavanagh (Michael Onwood Bursary)


Graduates giving back

Recent graduates have also given back to the program to acknowledge their gratitude for the KWPMP experience:

  • Kevin Henley, Javier Hernandez-Cotton, Charles Morison and Ayssar Nasrallah-Fernandez from the Class of 2016 have contributed with a scholarship called the RP Scholarship
  • The Class of 2018 will contribute to the Enrichment Fund to enhance the experience of future students as they work to complete the program


List of awards

Six scholarships and one bursary are available to KWPMP students who exemplify the program’s code of ethics, uphold the highest standards of conduct, demonstrate leadership skills, and contribute to the growth and strength of the program.

Awards include:

  • David Abramson Scholarship – One award valued at $2,000
  • Donald Walcot Scholarship for the KWPMP – Two awards each valued at $2,000
  • RP Scholarship for the KWPMP – One award valued at $1,000
  • Abraham Brodt Scholarship for KWPMP – One award valued at $3,500
  • The Reena Atanasiadis Scholarship – One award valued at $3,500
  • Michael Onwood Bursary – One award valued at $500

Contact us

Sukyong Yang, Director
Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program
Tel: 514-848-2424, ext. 5102

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