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Sukyong Yang Sukyong Yang

Spring 2022 Director's Message

The clocks have been set forward and spring is here. However, given the frigid temperatures, it is hard to reconcile how it feels outside with the date on the calendar — and the fact that the end of the winter term is around the corner.

The KWPMP Class of 2021 gave its final presentation in mid-February. The fund managers earned many deserved congratulations from our client committee, thanks to first-percentile performance compared to 70 similar funds.

As long as COVID conditions remain stable, on May 26 we will hold our first graduation event in three years.

Ken Woods has confirmed his attendance — his first visit to Montreal since 2019. We will also have President Graham Carr and Dean Anne-Marie Croteau offering congratulations to the newest Calvin Potter Fellows, along with Neil Cunningham, CEO of PSP Investments, as the keynote speaker.

In my fall newsletter, I mentioned that Don Walcot stepped down as a client committee member. At year-end, Frank Belvedere and Harold Scheer also stepped down, after serving on the committee since its inception. We thank these three members for their contributions to the program.

Paul Harris, a portfolio manager and active member of the investment community in Toronto, is our newest client committee member. He taught the fixed income module in FINA 455B during the fall term and our students benefitted from his enthusiastic participation at his first meeting in February.

We made some adjustments to the recruitment process this year resulting in six recruits. The new research associates have already contributed to the research reports and are able to present their findings without a script, demonstrating they deserve their spot in the program.

We are also pleased to report that we increased the number of corporate relationships, with eight new companies becoming part of the internship program. We are fortunate that all six research associates have secured internships for the summer of 2022: two in Victoria, two in Toronto and two in Montreal.

We held our first alumni event of the year in February, during which alumnus Myles Hiscock gave a comprehensive presentation on “Who Killed Growth? Market Turbulence and Its Effect on Public and Private Opportunities – A Tech Story.”

We are delighted with the interest that alumni have shown in these events. I am also appreciative of the response to our special alumni outreach project. We look forward to sharing the findings and the appropriate measures we shall take to improve alumni relations.

While it is gratifying to share the positive development of the program and success of our students, we cannot ignore the horrifying fact that Russia launched a war against Ukraine, a democratic country, creating human suffering in Europe on a scale not seen since the Second World War. The KW students are dealing with this ongoing conflict in two ways: on a pragmatic level, analyzing how this geopolitical event will impact the portfolio and, secondly, on a human level. We can only hope there is a peaceful resolution to this atrocity.

In closing, the world is in awe of the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their right to self-determination. This should give us hope and inspiration and remind us what Mark Twain famously said about courage: “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, and not the absence of fear.”

About the Director

Sukyong Yang joined Concordia University in 2019 as the Director of the Kenneth Woods Investment Management Program and Adjunct Professor. She has diverse experience in portfolio management and comprehensive knowledge of global equities. She has a BComm (University of Toronto, Trinity College) and MBA (Concordia University) and is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. Ms. Yang is a member of CFA Toronto and sits on the University Relations Committee of CFA Montréal.

Before joining academia, Ms. Yang was a lead global portfolio manager for an important wealth management company in Toronto and a member of the board. The investment strategy and process she implemented in her team became the investment standard for the firm. She began her investment career as an analyst at one of Canada’s largest pension boards.

In addition to 25 years of experience in the investment management business, she spent a number of years as a Consultant and Auditor at KPMG in their Amsterdam, Seoul and Toronto offices.

Contact us

Director: Sukyong Yang
Director of the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program
Tel: 514-848-2424, ext. 5102

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