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A key component in the program’s mission of passing on knowledge is mentor meetings with industry professionals. The mentorship program is designed to help students develop their technical skills, improve their industry knowledge, and guide them towards a career path that is best suited to their interests and strengths.

In 2020, the mentorship program was improved whereby students are monitored by the same mentor throughout their term as a research associate and a different mentor in their second year as a fund manager. This allows the mentor to track the student’s development throughout their tenure in the program and allows the mentor to provide specialized feedback.

We are grateful to the following mentors who guided the class of 2022 fund managers:

  • Michel Berger
  • Christian Bonneau
  • Joshua Ghoddoussi
  • Ayssar Nasrallah-Fernandez
  • Martin Tzakov

We are also grateful to the following mentors who guided the research as­sociates throughout 2022:

  • Amr Ezzat
  • Myles Hiscock
  • Constantine Kostarakis
  • Charles Morison
  • Liliana Tzvetkova

We look forward to the mentors guiding the fund managers and research associates in 2023:

  • Simon Beaudry
  • Michel Berger
  • Andrea Bobkowicz
  • Christian Bonneau
  • Amr Ezzat
  • Paul Kantorovich
  • Constantine Kostarakis
  • Ivana Miladinovic
  • Adnan Mkamel
  • Charles Morison
  • Sandy Poiré
  • Julian Tsang
  • Martin Tzakov
  • Frederik Westra

Andrea Bobkowicz, mentor

"I am celebrating my third year of participation with the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program. I always believed it is important to bring real life to students and as a professional in the industry, I wanted to provide them access to current active portfolio managers, economists, and company management. It is important to provide this access to the students to allow them to make strategic decisions based not only on quantitative analysis, but qualitative human interaction with senior management. This “kicking the tires” approach is what elevates KWPMP graduates to become highly successful. I find most industry experts welcome the opportunity to host students, for which we owe much thanks and Sukyong Yang continues to be instrumental in nurturing this relationship. It is an honor to work with these bright students. Congratulations!"

Mentor testimonials

"Charles Morison, a senior investment analyst at Aryeh Capital Management provided me with comprehensive guidance that encompassed technical expertise and analytical abilities. Our discussions centered around industry trends and investment prospects. Furthermore, Mr. Morison shared valuable insights that helped me tremendously in my transition from research associate to fund manager. I was truly fortunate to have had Mr. Morison as a mentor and I look forward to maintaining our relationship in the future." – Justin Rozon (Class of 2023)

"I was privileged to be mentored by Martin Tzakov, a portfolio manager at Pembroke Management Ltd, throughout my tenure as a fund manager. Early on, Mr. Tzakov taught me about biases that exist in portfolio management and emphasized the importance of remaining as removed as possible. Further, Mr. Tzakov played an instrumental role in my development by reviewing my stock pitches. He provided commentary that consistently pushed my thinking, ultimately helping me to sharpen my analytical skills and explore facets I had not initially considered." – Ana Maria Gubert-Mitchell (Class of 2022)

“My mentor meetings with Christian Bonneau were extremely insightful as his extensive investment knowledge and experience in private equity allowed me to understand the art of deal making as well as how to successfully invest in and manage private assets. I also had the unique opportunity to learn more about alternative investments such as commodities and natural resources, an area in which few students and professionals ever get exposed to.” – Raphael Iliopoulos (Class of 2022)

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Sukyong Yang, Director
Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program
Tel: 514-848-2424, ext. 5102

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