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The mentorship program in the KWPMP is not just a part of our education; it's a transformative experience that has shaped the professional growth of the KWPMP students.

The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the mentors provide a rich learning environment, equipping the students with practical skills and insights that are indispensable in the dynamic world of investment management.

We are grateful to the mentors who volunteered their time during 2023.


For the research associates:

  • Simon Beaudry
  • Amr Ezzat
  • Constantine Kostarakis
  • Sandy Poiré
  • Frederik Westra

For the fund managers:

  • Michel Berger
  • Christian Bonneau
  • Ivana Miladinovic
  • Julian Tsang
  • Martin Tzakov

We also want to thank the mentors who will be volunteering their time in 2024.

For the research associates:

  • Meaghan Annett
  • Andrea Bobkowicz
  • Alex Guarino
  • Kevin LeBlanc
  • Charles Morison
  • Chester Ntonifor
  • Johann Tritthardt
  • Frederik Westra

For the fund managers:

  • Michel Berger
  • Kam Khorasani
  • Ivana Miladinovic
  • Julian Tsang
  • Martin Tzakov

Student testimonials

Michael Kamel, KWPMP Class of 2024

“My mentor meetings with Constantine Kostarakis, a portfolio manager at Summus Investment Management Inc., facilitated my understanding of asset allocation within a portfolio by emphasizing the importance of remaining as unbiased as possible.

Furthermore, Mr. Kostarakis’ extensive career within the Finance industry has allowed him to share with me valuable lessons and mistakes to avoid as an incoming analyst.” – Michael Kamel (Class of 2024)

Julian Diodati, KWPMP Class of 2024

“Simon Beaudry, an exotic options trader at Jefferies, guided me through my journey as a research associate in the KWPMP. As a recent alumnus of the program, Mr. Beaudry was able to give tailored advice that helped me navigate the steep learning curve of my first year.

He regularly sent me financial articles demanding my opinion on them, with the goal of sharpening my analysis and developing my knowledge base. I look forward to maintaining a close relationship with Mr. Beaudry in the coming years.” – Julian Diodati (Class of 2024)

Eyal Zelinger, KWPMP Class of 2024

“Amr Ezzat, managing director at Echelon Wealth Partners, taught me the necessary skills to become a successful fund manager in the KWPMP.

Mr. Ezzat helped me develop my investment mindset by providing recommendations for the equity strategy and reviewing stock pitches I worked on. Furthermore, Mr. Ezzat shared the valuable lessons he has learned throughout his career, which will forever prove useful throughout my career.” – Eyal Zelinger (Class of 2024)

Nicholas Cormier, KWPMP Class of 2024

"Throughout the meetings I had with my mentor, Sandy Poiré, I was able to develop many technical and soft skills. As a KWPMP alumna, she understood the tasks and areas that I should focus on improving, which has been primordial to my growth.

Key topics we discussed include the telecom sector, meetings with internal and external partners, as well as the transition to being a fund manager. I deeply appreciate the time she devoted to helping me and will put it to good use throughout my career." – Nicholas Cormier (Class of 2024)

Ioannis Bakopanos, KWPMP Class of 2023

“Julian Tsang, Co-CIO at Baker Gilmore & Associates, has played a pivotal role in my professional development. His extensive expertise in fixed income investing was a significant asset as he provided me with invaluable support and guidance for managing this critical aspect of our portfolio.

I am profoundly grateful for his unwavering advice and support, which not only jump-started my career but also fueled a lasting determination to always strive for success.

His ongoing encouragement has been instrumental in shaping my commitment to excellence and I will forever be grateful for his impactful mentorship.” – Ioannis Bakopanos (Class of 2023)

Olivier Cloutier Faucher, KWPMP Class of 2023

“The mentorship I received from Michel Berger, CFA, Vice President of Corporate Development at Prosperity Life, was a cornerstone of my professional development.

He provided outstanding career advice and was instrumental in honing my investor mindset. His guidance was particularly impactful during my Apollo Global Asset Management pitch, reflecting his deep expertise and commitment to fostering new talent in the industry.” – Olivier Cloutier Faucher (Class of 2023)

Justin Rozon, KWPMP Class of 2023

“Martin Tzakov, portfolio manager at Pembroke Management was instrumental in shaping my investor acumen, steering me away from the tunnel vision often brought on by 'fear of missing out' and the incessant market noise that we experience as fund managers in the Kenneth Woods Program.

He adeptly guided me through the market's landscape, where the 'magnificent 7' overwhelmingly defined this year's performance, to illuminate the true value of our diverse portfolio.

Martin’s feedback on my stock pitches was invaluable, offering a window into the discerning mind of a portfolio manager.” – Justin Rozon (Class of 2023)

Zi Hao Wei, KWPMP Class of 2023

“During my mentorship sessions with Christian Bonneau, managing director and head of North America and Timber within the Natural Resources team at PSP Investments, I had the privilege of gaining insights from his comprehensive knowledge of the timber sector and commitment to sustainability.

Mr. Bonneau's expertise in investment analysis is exemplary and his feedback on my Public Storage pitch proved invaluable. Despite his demanding schedule, he consistently prioritizes giving back to students, maintaining active engagement with the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program and providing coaching for case competitions.” – Zi Hao Wei (Class of 2023)

Mentor testimonials

Martin Tzakov, KWPMP alumni and mentor

“As a proud alumnus of the Kenneth Woods Investment Management Program, my journey has come full circle as I embrace my third year as a mentor. This evolution has allowed me to give back to the program and Concordia University, a commitment further strengthened by Pembroke Management's internship program.

My role as a mentor is immensely gratifying and multifaceted, rooted in a high regard for the students' enthusiasm, dedication and readiness to learn. In providing advice and guidance, I am committed to enhancing their critical thinking while tailoring my approach to their individual personalities and career aspirations, ensuring they receive support that resonates with their personal goals.

Furthermore, my role extends to facilitating connections with industry professionals, supporting their research endeavors while also broadening their professional networks. This mentorship is not just a commitment to their professional growth but a testament to the transformative power of the Kenneth Woods Program in shaping the next generation of investment professionals.”  – Martin Tzakov, KWPMP alumni and mentor.

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