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A key component in the program’s mission of passing on knowledge is mentor meetings with industry professionals. The mentorship program is designed to help students develop their technical skills, improve their industry knowledge, and guide them towards a career path that is best suited to their interests and strengths.

In 2020, the mentorship program was improved whereby students are monitored by the same mentor throughout their term as a research associate and a different mentor in their second year as a fund manager. This allows the mentor to track the student’s development throughout their tenure in the program and allows the mentor to provide specialized feedback.

We are grateful to the following mentors who guided the class of 2022 fund managers:

  • Michel Berger
  • Christian Bonneau
  • Joshua Ghoddoussi
  • Ayssar Nasrallah-Fernandez
  • Martin Tzakov

We are also grateful to the following mentors who guided the research as­sociates throughout 2022:

  • Amr Ezzat
  • Myles Hiscock
  • Constantine Kostarakis
  • Charles Morison
  • Liliana Tzvetkova

We look forward to the mentors guiding the fund managers and research associates in 2023:

  • Simon Beaudry
  • Michel Berger
  • Andrea Bobcowicz
  • Christian Bonneau
  • Amr Ezzat
  • Paul Kantorovich
  • Constantine Kostarakis
  • Ivana Miladinovic
  • Adnan Mkamel
  • Charles Morison
  • Sandy Poiré
  • Julian Tsang
  • Martin Tzakov
  • Frederik Westra

Mentor testimonials

  • “Evelyne helped me structure my research process as I discussed several of my projects with her. It was extremely helpful having the guidance of an experienced investor help me think through these different business models.”
    Thierry Matin
  • “The value of a mentor is not in discussing matters which a student already understands, but in finding those areas of which he or she has little-to-no knowledge of and digging into these areas to find valuable insights, as well as practical tips for self- improvement”
    Darragh Kavanagh
  • “Vincent provided me with thoughtful guidance, experience, and support throughout both my tenures as a research associate and fund manager – everything from investment ideas to career advice. Our commonalities enabled me to ask the right ques­tions and provided a perspective on how to approach matters strategically.”
    Adnan Mkamel
  • “Conversations with Michael were very open and casual and yet extremely informative. It allowed me to get a better under­standing of credit investments, which have seen many changes over the last few years. Whenever I needed advice, no matter the question, he always had the right answer, and it has helped me develop as a person both inside and outside of the class­room.”
    Ami Zunenshine
  • “Dylan helped me learn more about a sector that is often under­represented within the program portfolio but is a major and very important asset class within the capital markets. Even though most conversations were about analyzing investments, he also provided important guidance on how to position myself to be a better professional for the industry”
    Stefan Georgescu
  • “My mentor meetings with Ms. Cinq-Mars were very enriching as they allowed me to climb the learning curve associated with roles within the capital markets. Moreover, given that she also walked the path of KWPMP research associate and fund manager, Ms. Cinq-Mars guided me through the various responsibilities I had during my first year in the program. My mentor also provided me with invaluable interview advice and tips on how to exceed expectations as an intern breaking into the industry. She emphasized the importance of intellectual curiosity, strong work ethic, and most importantly, humility.”
    Nathaniel Assouline
  • “Mentor meetings provided me with insights on new ways to qualitatively analyze a company. They have enabled me to think critically about a firm’s mergers and acquisitions strategy, management team and board of directors, all of which can ultimately determine a firm’s success.”
    Raphael Iliopoulos
  • “My mentor meetings with Mr. Ghaleb contributed greatly to my development in both the program and the corporate world. The guidance and knowledge provided by Mr. Ghaleb was in­valuable, and I am better prepared to begin my tenure as a fund manager because of it. Moreover, our conversations helped me understand the importance of a strong management team, stellar capital allocation record, and thorough analysis to value companies. Beyond the fund itself, Mr. Ghaleb provided me with the advice needed to position myself well during recruitment and was always responsive to any of my career questions and concerns. Above all, he emphasized the importance of humility and having a learning mindset at all times, whether you are an intern or a senior investment professional.”
    Kristoph Bardos
  • “My mentor meetings with Ms. Bobkowicz contributed signifi­cantly to my development as I was always able to turn to her for help on professional and personal topics. As my tenure as a fund manager approached, I began screening for companies I could potentially pitch. I brought up the topic during one of our meet­ings and Ms. Bobkowicz recommended seeking out international equities given the higher valuations characterizing many North American companies. Our conversation was very enlightening, and it is precisely what I have chosen to do for my first stock pitch as a fund manager.”
    Ana Maria Gubert-Mitchell

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