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Class of 2023 highlights

Class of 2023: L to R: Justin Rozon, Matthew MacNeil, Zi Hao Wei, Ioannis Bakopanos, Olivier Cloutier Faucher

Class of 2023 message

Beginning our tenure in 2022 as a group of students with wide-ranging experiences and skills, we were honored to have been selected to join a program with over twenty years of excellence. We acknowledged that despite the steep learning curve, we would benefit from learning about the intricacies of asset management under outstanding leaders. We welcomed the challenge with enthusiasm and committed to maintaining the reputation of the KWPMP while maximizing the opportunity presented to us.

The Class of 2023's achievement in securing the title of winners in both the Quebec and Canadian chapters of the CFA Research Challenge, coupled with our distinction as finalists in North America, unequivocally attests to the resolute dedication and exceptional guidance provided by Ms. Yang. Her mentorship served as the cornerstone of our success, shaping us into astute financial analysts and positioning our class at the pinnacle of the competition. Moreover, Ms. Yang not only facilitated our attendance at Quinnipiac University's annual GAME Forum in New York but also orchestrated invaluable firm tours, connecting us with distinguished alumni of the program. These distinctive experiences stand as the epitome of what sets this program apart, and we are profoundly grateful for finding ourselves in such privileged positions.

Furthermore, Mr. Woods' visionary foresight, initiated over two decades ago, stands as the bedrock of the transformative opportunities that have shaped the trajectory of the 2023 cohort, as well as countless alumni from the past and those yet to come. His bold initiative has not only paved the way for our present successes but has also laid the foundation for a legacy of excellence within the program. The gratitude we hold for Mr. Woods is immeasurable, extending beyond words to a deep sense of appreciation for his belief in the potential of students and his unyielding determination to furnish program members with experiences that transcend the ordinary. The life-changing impact of these opportunities resonates throughout our cohort, leaving an indelible mark on our personal and professional trajectories.

As we step forward into the next phase of our professional lives, we carry with us the knowledge, skills and profound appreciation for the exceptional supporters who have guided us. As Calvin Potter Fellows, the Class of 2023 is committed to ensuring the continued growth and success of the program, inspired by the legacy of those who have paved the way before us. Thank you to everyone who has played a role in shaping our transformative journey.

Class of 2023 profiles


CFA Institute Research Challenge

One of this year’s highlights is the class of 2023 advancing to the  Americas (North and South America) Regional Semi-Final round of the CFA Institute Research Challenge. They were one of two universities representing Canada at this level, after winning the Quebec and Canada rounds.

Quinnipiac GAME Forum in NYC

As a KWPMP student, one stand-out experience is the opportunity to travel to New York City.

KWPMP students attended the annual Quinnipiac GAME Forum where they listened to high-profile speakers discuss diverse capital market topics.

They also had a personalized tour of the trading floors of Jefferies and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Montreal Alumni Cocktail

In April, the fund managers presented their strategy and provided an update on the growth of the foundation’s portfolio to the alumni. The event provided an opportunity for the alumni to ask questions to the fund managers as well as for all participants to network.

Toronto Alumni Cocktail

Alumni Vishal Patel from the class of 2003 and his firm, 1832 Asset Management, hosted a cocktail at their new premises.

Neal Kerr, the head of Scotia Global Asset Management, spoke on behalf of the organization, along with Vishal Patel and Maria Jose Benavente (Class of 2010).

1832 Asset Management provides an annual sponsorship of a KWPMP intern each summer. 

Fall Celebration 2023

Every fall, we celebrate the supporters, friends and alumni of the program. P.J. Stock, an accomplished broadcaster and former NHL player, captivated the audience with stories about his time in the NHL. He also shared positive and endearing life lessons. 

Class of 2022 Graduation

We were honoured to have Robert Sankey, CEO of Burgundy Asset Management fly in from Toronto to deliver the keynote address to the graduating class of 2022. Burgundy was founded in 1990 and is one of Canada’s leading portfolio management companies. The university’s leadership was represented by Graham Carr, president of the university and Anne-Marie Croteau, dean of the John Molson School of Business.

If you would like a physical copy of the full 2023 Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program annual report, please contact Sukyong Yang, program director, at

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