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The Student Request Committee

Generally, Student Academic Services respond to student requests. Those needing further consideration will be forwarded to the Student Request Committee. 

The Student Request Committee meets once per month and decisions are made within thirty (30) working days of receiving the request. Please note:

  • Decisions of the Committee are final and are not subject to appeal
  • Requests are reviewed in order they are received.
  • Students are normally informed of the committee's decision by mail

For the next meeting date please contact Ms. Angie De Benedictis at (514) 848-2424 Extension 3050.

All requests must be submitted within a reasonable time frame from the time the circumstance(s) arises unless otherwise the delay is due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances. If the request is to appeal a decision made by a delegated individual at the departmental level or Student Affairs Office, it will only be considered based on new evidence(s) or serious grounds for sending an appeal.

The Student Request Committee is comprised of:

  • Three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Council
  • One representative appointed by the Registrar
  • One student appointed by the Faculty Council
  • The Associate/Vice-Dean who shall Chair the Student Request Committee

Download the Student Request Appeal  form or the Late Registration-Late Withdrawal and Tuition Refund   form.

Prior to submitting your form, please read the items below.

Requests evaluated by the Committee

Below are some of the items that are reviewed on a regular basis by the Committee:

  1. Requests for a Supplemental Exam - Such requests will only be considered if a student is a potential graduate. If the request is accepted, student must fill out the Application Form available at the Birks Centre (LB-185) and pay the required fee.
  2. Requests to Late Discontinue (DISC) a Course based on a Deferred Grade - The only time this request will be considered is if a student is transferring to another Faculty or has successfully completed an equivalent course and on the basis of extenuating circumstances backed by supporting document(s).
  3. Requests for a Late Did Not Enter (DNE) or Retrocative Discontinue (DISC) - This request will be considered based on:
    1. extenuating circumstances backed by documentations that clearly support the basis of the request such as medical certificate, death certificate and legal certificates (ex Divorce).
    2. Illness backed by a medical certificate that clearly indicates the date and the severity of the illness and how it affects your studies
      In some cases the request could be forwarded to the Tuition Refund Committee.
  4. Requests to modify Conditions for Readmission or Conditional Standing - Under no circumstances will a request for waiving a condition of readmission be considered. In cases of potential graduates a supplemental may be considered to satisfy the condition(s).
    Waivers for Conditional Standing will be considered based on a change in GPA as a result of change of grade (ex annual GPA changes from 1.77 to 1.99) or based on substitute recommended by the relevant department.

Credit overloads are reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Full-time students* may take up to 33 credits during the regular session (fall and winter term combined) without permission.

Students must have permission from the Dean's Office to have a credit overload of 34 credits or more. 

*Full-time students in the Extended Credit and Mature Student program may only take a maximum 30 credits during the regular session (fall and winter terms combined)  until they have completed all the required courses beyond those specified for their particular option in subsequent sections.

Summer credit overload

Students may register for up to 14 credits during the summer term, with a maximum of 8.5 credits per half summer term.

Exceptions to this policy:

  1. Co-op students following the sequence recommended by their Department
  2. Students entering the Faculty in the proceeding January session who are required to take a full-time summer course load
  3. Potential graduates who require a course to remain in sequence


To take credit overload

Download the Student Request form and bring the completed form to SAS. Approval of course overloads during the summer is based on GPA, and proximity to graduation.

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