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Extracurricular trainings (ECT)

Concordia’s EDML team is proud to offer Concordia students, staff and faculty access the various extracurricular trainings (ECT).

EDML ECT’s are typically offered in the summer sessions on the following topics:

  • Basic Hand tool Operation ( Michael Rembacz)
  • Introductory machining (Drill press, Mill, Lathe, Sheetmetal) ( Michael Rembacz)
  • Introductory CNC Mill training (Alex Macpherson)
  • Welding (MIG and TIG) (Andy Shin-Pong)

Should you be interested please contact the staff member associated with each specified training. All training schedules will be posted and made publicly available.


  • Mech 211 Drawing Text Book
  • Mech 313 Engineering Drawing and Design Text Book
  • Mech 311 Materials and Processes in Manufacturing Text Book
  • ASME Y14.5
    (available in the library on reserve)
    (Online - works only from concordia intranet)
    Explanations and examples of suggested work holding techniques for machining
  • Machining Library – Virtual Machine Shop   

Process sheets / Drawing Examples

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