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Mandatory Safety Quiz

In order to participate in any of the EDML trainings or work in EDML facilities, one must have taken and successfully passed the EDML Safety Quiz with a minimum grade of 100%.

The following are steps to access the EDML Safety quiz.

  1. Login to your MyConcordia portal and browse your Moodle pages.
  2. Click on “All Courses”, and then click on Engineering Resource (Mechanical & Industrial).
  3. Add the EDML-ECT Moodle page to your course list via the enrollment key “edmlect”.
  4. Once completed, you will have access to the Engineering Design and Manufacturing Laboratory Metasite whereby you will be able to access the Mandatory Safety Quiz.
  5. Before taking the quiz, please ensure you have read CON-EDML-004 thoroughly. This document is a prerequisite to the quiz.
  6. A minimum grade of 100% must be attained.
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