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Maude Kneppert

Why study Art History and Studio Art?

The major in Art History and Studio Art is the ideal choice for someone interested in both the study and practice of art.  In this program, your art history research can inform, inspire and shape your art practice, while your academic work is enriched from the insights of making art. On the Art History side, you can focus on periods and media that interest you, from the sculpture of ancient Greece to contemporary installation art, while developing the research and writing skills of a scholar. On the Studio Art side, students in this major can take full advantage of the Faculty of Fine Arts, working in studios equipped with professional tools and equipment in Ceramics, Fibres and Material Practices, Intermedia (Video, Performance, and Electronic Arts), Painting and Drawing, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture and Installation.

As a major in Art History and Studio Art, you will develop critical abilities and benefit from the exchange of ideas with practising artists. This interdisciplinary program will position you to both pursue a vocation as an artist and prepare for ongoing academic study.

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