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Candice Davies


September 3–October 25
Vernissage 5 à 7, September 12, 2013
Candice Davies, Supply, 2013

Candice Davies remakes objects of the everyday using art historical methods and materials like carving cinder blocks from marble and insulating foam from exotic wood. For the FOFA Gallery, Davies has replicated our most commonly used office supplies. Her work aims to draw attention to the layers of generic and lived meaning within the space of the gallery by engaging the viewer in an unexpected encounter with objects.  At first glance, the replicated objects seem unremarkable. But, with attention or attempted use, their deviations from the original mass produced objects becomes apparent.  The objects have a slightly off kilter appearance, their weight is different and they lack the familiar functions of the mimicked objects. What remains are objects that visually fill the role of original object emulated, set on display on the functioning counter and desk area replacing their original objects, becoming a stand in for the “real.”  Through the simulation the replicated objects follow in the tradition of the trompe l’oeil or JeanBaudrillard’s “Enchanted Simulation” where replicated objects become “falser than false where by pure appearances they have too much reality,” in turn objects become hyper-real.

Through replication in alabaster stone such manufactured objects are elevated to status of the ornament, becoming precious and now of increased value. These replications mimic the effects of the real, but are subverted by lacking function. With the use value removed these replicated objects are further re-positioned within the territory of the ornamental.

Artist statement

In my art practice I strive to create sculptures that engage the viewer to look at mundane objects and occurrences, concentrating on objects or materials that are often ignored, discarded and undervalued.

In my work there is an intentional play with the viewer’s visual perception through the manipulation of such everyday objects and occurrences, as these everyday objects are replicated and treated in such a way to try to convince the viewer that they are viewing real things. I aim to push the boundaries of the “real”, following in the tradition of trompe l’oeil by depicting most ordinary objects but in a way that astonishes and deceives the eye.

I examine the links between the replica and the copy, the status of the’ art object’ and the value of the everyday object. Through the re-proposing and re-fabricating of everyday objects and occurrences in stone, I aim to question the social and cultural economics of such commoditized objects. In my work I attempt to blur the lines between art and reality by playing with the viewer’s visual perception through the manipulation of everyday objects in order to investigate issues of interpretation, craft, value and function.


Candice Davies earned a B.F.A Spec Honours in Visual Arts from York University and is completing her MFA in Sculpture at Concordia University, where she was a recipient of The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s Graduate Scholarship and The Dale and Nick Tedeschi Studio Fellowship from Concordia University. Recently she was a selected participant in Parisian Laundry’s Collision 9 and currently a part of The Best of North East Master of Fine Art Exhibition at the Helen Day Center in Vermont. Recently she completed a residency at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art in Winnipeg.  Upcoming exhibitions also include a Special Projects Exhibition at Circa Exhibition Centre in Montreal in 2014.


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