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Jeanie Riddle

1 Restoration

January 3 – February 3, 2012
Vernissage: January 12, 5–7 p.m.

Exhibition description

Having completed both her undergrad and graduate work at Concordia, Jeanie Riddle examines and self audits a decade of her practice at the FOFA Gallery. The 1 Restoration project includes new paintings on canvas articulated and framed by a simple elongated form that extends the walls of the gallery into the role of painting. Minimal and excessive simultaneously, the project asserts a feminine critique of particular stylistic concerns while demonstrating a full participation and knowledge of them.

Riddle's interest however, is not monumental space; she prefers, sincerity and sites of the real, trivialized, feminized, in short, spaces women are typically left reflecting on and assigning with content that relate back to minimalism proper (EG: Carl André, Ad Reinhardt, Donald Judd). This will extend and slang her ongoing practice of accessing empty space and inhabiting it with the experience and nature of being HUMAN. That profound circumstances happen. They become NEW SPACE through the experience and therefore new ways of feeling in space. Everything changes but is all the same... Here the process of arrangement becomes conflated with hard modernism à la Judd, Hollingsworth, and Newman as this feminization disrupts the seamlessness of the environment, creating a purposeful dysfunction of the materials and the space they inhabit. It leaves open the activity of inserting the individual into the drama of the staged everyday, the in-betweens of the project.

It is this trajectory that helps to conjure concrete evidence of a past to this rendition of a present - the (female) artist was here.

About the artist

Jeanie Riddle is a practicing artist working with ideas from the everyday in a dramatic and bold way.  Riddle has a fixation about economy and exhausting potential in simple forms.  She has a prolific installation and painting practice, and has shown widely and often across Canada. 

She currently resides in Montreal, Canada, holds a Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University and is a Director of Parisian Laundry.


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