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Identity Politics and Performance Art

Round Table Discussion


Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 7PM

Exhibition description

This round table discussion will illuminate a cross-disciplinary perspective on contemporary artistic practices, as well as how these practices are informed by and inform everyday experiences. 


Dr. Alice Jim (Art History)

Dr. Jim's main fields of research are in contemporary Asian art and Asian Canadian art with a particular interest in recent media art, theories of representation, and the relationship between remix culture and place identity.

Dr. Mark Sussman (Theatre)

Dr. Mark Sussman is a theatre artist and scholar working on the animation of public space and the integration of old and new technologies in live performance. Great Small Works, a collective in which he is the founder and co-artistic director, is currently showing "The Toy Theater of Terror as Usual"  in the York Vitrine at the FOFA gallery.

Maria Ezcurra (PhD student in Art Education)

Maria Ezcurra's performance/installation work "Abiertas (Open)" was shown in the Ste. Catherine Street Vitrine of the FOFA in January. Ezcurra's installations intend to be simultaneously attractive and critical, exploring both personal and social identities through the use of clothing.

Christopher Moore (Design and Computation Arts)

Christopher Moore's work The Cuddle Commandos was shown in the York Vitrine at the FOFA in January. Moore uses humor and satire to address notions of hyper-masculinity. A series of performances took place in the vitrine space, which was turned into a "recruitment office" where a squadron of "Cuddle Commando" recruited new troops.

Melanie Perreault (M.F.A. Candidate, Open Media)

Melanie Perreault's work Vibrancy Trickling Into Tuesday Before Dawn is currently showing in the main space at the FOFA gallery. Perreault becomes Jillian, a character who is a cultural neurotic, in a constant search for knowledge. Jillian inhabits a cardboard oasis, a world which Perreault has created.

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