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AI2 Spring Call for Proposals: Collaborations with Industry

April 19, 2023

The Applied AI Institute invites applications to a funding program meant to accelerate AI adoption across sectors. The program will fund new or on-going applied AI research projects in collaboration with industry or non-profit partners. The total funding commitment for the first year of the program is $350k, out of which we expect to fund approximately 8 projects in collaboration with industry and 2 projects in collaboration with non-profit organizations. Eligible expenses include exclusively salaries and benefits for Research Assistants (student or non-student). Industry projects will be funded at 50%; the remaining 50% must be funded through a cash contribution by a private partner. Projects involving a non-profit organization will be funded at 100%.  Successful projects will have the potential to receive renewed funding for up to four years in total. We encourage innovative proposals that address real-world challenges.  

How to apply

Applications will be accepted until May 26th, 2023. Successful applications will be announced by June 9th. Expressions of intent can be sent to and must include:  

  1. A one-page statement about the proposed research that includes:

    A summary of the research project, including the role of the partner organization in the project

    A budget summary table and brief justification

    A statement on how the program of research advances AI2’s strategic directions

    Evidence of past research success and capacity to undertake current research

  2. A letter of support from the partner organization explaining the role of the organization in the project and confirming 1:1 funding in case of an industrial partner. 

  3. An up-to-date CV of the Principal Investigator and key collaborators.

Applications will be ranked by the Selection Committee using the following criteria:  

Value Criteria Description
30  Fit with AI2 strategic directions Describe how the research program meaningfully responds to public interest, demonstrating a commitment to principles of equity and justice.  
30  Feasibility   Highlight past research accomplishments and capacity to undertake the proposed program of research.
40 Encouragement of AI Adoption   Describe how the proposed research program will encourage the private sector or non-profit organizations to adopt artificial intelligence and the potential impact on the broader community.

Strategic Directions

Our guiding principles shape the relationships we form, the collaborations we work toward, and the research we invest in. They include:  

  • Engaged leadership caring for AI’s community and consequences 

  • Distributed research that considers collaboration, mutual aid, and academic freedom as key drivers of success 

  • Equity and justice acknowledging that bias is structural as well as statistical 

  • Public interest to ensure that improves, not entrenches, the status-quo 

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