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Grant-writing assistance

Applies to research grants

For research grants related to Applied AI that meet the selection criteria, the Applied AI Institute will support researchers throughout the process to prepare the application package by gathering required formatting information and preparing and reviewing drafts of non-technical sections. This will reduce the grant preparation load for researchers submitting applied AI grants. Additionally, AI2 can offer expertise related to gender equity and responsible AI. We will work with researchers to align their research to principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion and draft relevant sections.

Through this initiative, AI2 will offer to:  

  • Find detailed requirements of the program; including required documents, letters, templates for proposal and budget. A2I will reach out to OOR to inform them of the intention, to confirm the requirements, and to obtain any additional information needed.  
  • Edit required documents for formatting and grammar 
  • Draft sections related to responsible AI, gender equity, and knowledge mobilization 
  • Liase with the OOR on developmental review (at least 2 weeks before the external deadline); iterating all required documents with the advisor at the OOR 
  • Liase with the relevant advisor at the OOR on meeting the deadlines including that related to developmental review (two weeks in advance) and internal approval (one week prior to the external deadline) ; PLEASE NOTE: Grant applications must be submitted through CONRAD for institutional approval no later than the internal deadline (one week before the external deadline) 
  • Review compliance to submission guidelines 
  • Edit non-technical documents (including CVs, Impact Sections, Training Plans, etc.) 

Researchers will:  

  • Fill out the technical sections of the grant application 
  • Submit names of co-applicants and co-PIs so that we can coordinate CVs and other required material 
  • Indicate if they require review of or input on sections related to: EDI, Knowledge Mobilization, Responsible AI 
  • Meet with AI2 and the relevant advisor at OOR to establish timelines, scope of support and modalities of work. 

Selection criteria:

  • We accept a limited number of proposals on an ongoing basis.
  • Research is in line with AI2 Guiding Principles
  • Grant is > 100k
  • Research is collaborative and interdisciplinary

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