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Our initiatives

Gender equity in STEM  

As an institute, we are dedicated to achieving gender equity in Artificial Intelligence (AI) fields. Our commitment is evident through initiatives aimed at increasing the participation of women+ in research and mentorship projects. We also uphold inclusive policies that shape our governance and hiring practices.

Affecting Machines

Funded by the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, our institute has spearheaded a participatory action-based research group to delve into the challenges faced by women+ in STEM fields. The Affecting Machines working group has developed some of the following provisional resources, and continues to work on improving gender equity:


GEMinAI, in collaboration with AI2 and CREATE SE4AI, is steadfast in its mission to dismantle barriers preventing the participation of women and gender minorities in AI sectors. Despite the growing importance of artificial intelligence, women currently constitute only 25% of AI specialists (World Economic Forum, 2021). In response, our program endeavors to bridge this gap by fostering meaningful connections between women+ undergraduate and graduate students and seasoned AI professionals.

Supporting career journeys through mentorship

Our initiative is designed to provide invaluable support, encouragement, and assistance to women+ pursuing careers in artificial intelligence. By facilitating mentorship opportunities, we aim to create a conducive environment where aspiring AI professionals can thrive, ultimately contributing to a more diverse and inclusive landscape within the field.

Photos from the GEMinAI launch event in October 2023

Summer Institute

Over three weeks, participants work individually and in teams to learn key methods of assessing AI's social impacts. The 2023 Summer Institute reflected on the rapidly evolving social life of artificial intelligence. Course topics included technical matters of AI’s basic operation as well as theoretical discussions about AI's ethics. 

Student Fellows

We offer fellowships to graduate students on a rolling basis. We are excited to announce our 2023-24 cohort of student fellows. They are:


Jihane Mossalim

Jihane Mossalim

Delving into the relationship between traditional art practices and artificial intelligence.

Vrinda Nair

Vrinda Nair

Researching drug design of small molecules by implementing machine and deep learning models.

Andrés Salas

Andrés Salas

Exploring the modes in which emerging technologies influence and are influenced by cultural networks.

Working groups


The Community Based Action Research Network invites participants to explore the localized impacts connected to the research, practise, and use of artificial intelligences. Open to new members who are interested in exploring the social impacts of AI.


Members of this network recognize that AI technologies are never neutral; rather, they are embedded within socio-technical frameworks and thereby bound by the limitations of their creators and the contexts within which they are deployed.

Research grant-writing assistance

For research grants related to Applied AI that meet the selection criteria, the Applied AI Institute will support researchers throughout the process to streamline and simplify grant submission.


In collaboration with Concordia Continuing Education, we provide AI and machine learning upskilling training to industry partners. We are currently inviting applications from faculty members interested in participating in this training program as instructors.

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