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Celebrating Innovation: Fall 2022 Funding Recipients

In addition to funding interdisciplinary research, AI2 acts as a network where you can find researchers and centres with similar interests

Funded research projects

These exceptional projects exemplify interdisciplinary research, drawing on a diverse array of expertise across multiple fields. What sets these projects apart is not just their innovative approaches, but also their alignment with our guiding principles.

Explainable AI for Design of Antimicrobial Peptides 

Ré Mansbach, PI; Yiming Xiao, Co-PI; Valerie Booth, Collaborator 

The purpose of this project is to increase the credence, reliability, and explicability of DL algorithms to design new antimicrobial peptides.

Explainable Interactive Unsupervised Learning for Smart Buildings 

Manar Amayri, PI; Nizar Bouguila, Co-PI 

Unlike existing approaches, our goal in this project is to develop unsupervised learning approaches that are explainable by design starting from only unlabeled data.  

AI and Machine Learning Models for Omni-Channel Retail Supply Chain Planning 

Claudio Contardo, PI; Navneet Vidyarthi, Co-PI 

The goal of the proposed project is to develop conceptual  frameworks, predictive  and prescriptive  analytical  models,  and  solution  approaches for omni-channel retail supply chains.  

Bottom-Up Proptech Auditing in Montreal 

Alessandra Renzi, PI; Tamara Vukov’s, Co-PI; Simone Brugiapaglia, Co-PI 

We wish to examine the entanglement of the tech boom and the affordability crisis in proptech, through an interdisciplinary lens that combines platform studies, data science and computational mathematics, and critical social theory. 

DigitizingWaste (aka OpenWaste): a living lab study on circular economy, IoT, open data, and AI 

Ursula Eicker, Ketra Schmitt, Caroline Roux, Faisal Shennib 

Digitalization is increasingly cited as a potential solution to waste management, due to its inherent efficiencies and the accelerating potential of AI. 

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