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We unite AI development by coordinating research across Concordia's four faculties in collaboration with business, civil society, governments, and other researchers. Our mission is to demystify and enable real-world applications of artificial intelligence. We encourage researchers across the sciences, engineering, arts, business and humanities to put AI into practice and to consider how AI can be taken up to improve the status quo.

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles shape the relationships we form, the collaborations we work toward, and the research we invest in. They include:  

  • Engaged leadership caring for AI’s community and consequences 
  • Distributed research that considers collaboration, mutual aid, and academic freedom as key drivers of success 
  • Equity and justice acknowledging that bias is structural as well as statistical 
  • Inter-disciplinarity in theory and practice, knowing that data is social and technical
  • Public interest scholarship to ensure that AI improves, not entrenches, the status-quo

The 4 pillars of the Applied AI Institute

  1. Collaborate
    High-impact projects grounded in societal and economic needs.
    Nascent research-driven ideas from the ground up.

  2. Innovate
    Innovative technologies for all AI-related research areas at the university.
    Ethical and secure frameworks for the ideas and technology in development.

  3. Train
    Training for the next generation to succeed in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

  4. Partner
    Partner with external governmental, industrial and academic institutions.

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