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Learning from our Mother Earth

Moved to summer 2021

About the Summer Institute

Concordia University Interdisciplinary Summer Institute (CUISI) offers an intense week-long (3-credit) interdisciplinary course/seminar for advanced Masters and PhD students on topics that are highly influential in today’s societies.

Twenty competitive students from Canadian and international universities will be selected to become Interdisciplinary Institute Fellows. They will then participate in one week of experiential learning, hands-on activities, and team-work, addressing big questions heads on. The experience is facilitated by outstanding faculty members who showcase current and relevant research to the chosen subject.

Taking place in the best student city in North America, the fellows will also have the opportunity to enjoy Montreal’s vast cultural scene and discover how diverse communities contribute to the city’s unique fusion of cultures.

CUISI is a chance to participate in an experiential and interdisciplinary learning opportunity and to mingle with scholars and researchers at Concordia's state-of-the art research labs while discovering the array of research happening at the university.

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