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New banners to help identify emails from outside the Concordia domain

May 26, 2020
Source: IITS

In recent months, Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) has seen an increase in the number and sophistication of phishing emails directed at the university community. While we have made training available to Concordia faculty and staff, additional measures are required to help individuals recognize such emails. For this reason, IITS is implementing a new visual cue to help identify possible phishing.

As of today, you will notice a burgundy banner at the top of emails that originate from outside the domain. It will alert you that an email was sent from someone outside of the university.

The banner is intended as a reminder that you should be particularly cautious when clicking on links or opening attachments from external parties. This is especially true if the email appears to be from someone at Concordia but contains a banner. When that is the case, avoid clicking any links and consider reporting the communication right away.

It is important to note that many legitimate emails will contain the banner. For example, you will see it on those from students, colleagues at other institutions, and other external contacts. Please also note that banners are generated automatically, based on their origin. No one is reading your emails.

We know that this method of identifying external email will not catch all phishing. Therefore, please remain alert to other signs. Still, we hope the new banners will provide you with additional clarity when more sophisticated phishing makes it to your inbox.

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