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$1-million gift from Ken Woods inspires testimonials from Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management students

December 20, 2022
By Ian Harrison, BComm 01

Inspired by a recent gift of $1 million from investor and philanthropist Kenneth Woods, MBA 75, LLD 17, to the Campaign for Concordia: Next-Gen Now in support of the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program (KWPMP), those most impacted by the support have extended messages of thanks and appreciation.

Read on to discover how John Molson School of Business finance students enrolled in the KWPMP as research associates and fund managers feel about the program and the generous benefactor who endowed it more than two decades ago.

Testimonials from the KWPMP Class of 2022 and 2023

“I was interested in joining the KWPMP to be part of a program with more than 20 years of excellence and learn about portfolio management alongside other likeminded students. Having this opportunity allowed me to develop the critical technical and interpersonal skills required to succeed in today’s highly competitive capital-market roles. Looking back at the last two years, I am thankful for all the enriching and rewarding experiences, connections and friendships I have made.”

– Samer Amaneddine, Class of 2022

“I chose the KWPMP because I wanted to get more out of my undergraduate degree. The program bridges the gap between the knowledge learned during classes and the real management of actual money, and lessens the shock of transitioning from school to career. The guidance and supervision provided by my director, the client committee, guest speakers, professors and supporters of the program is what I appreciate the most about the KWPMP.”

– Nathaniel Assouline, Class of 2022

“The Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program is the entire reason I decided to pursue my undergraduate degree at Concordia University. Upon hearing about the program, I was instantly drawn to the unique opportunity to gain hands-on exposure managing a real-world, balanced portfolio alongside likeminded individuals. Beyond the unparalleled learning experience, there is the strong network you develop. Throughout our tenure in the fund, we have cemented strong relationships with each other, our mentors and a vast network of alumni and friends that we will carry with us throughout our career. This network is entirely a byproduct of Mr. Woods’s generous donation, and for that we are eternally grateful.”

– Kristoph Bardos, Class of 2022

“Thank you, Mr. Woods, for your continued generosity and support. Being part of the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program has been the single-most valuable learning experience of my academic career. My desire to join the program came from the opportunity to learn how to evaluate different sectors, companies and investment opportunities alongside ambitious individuals, gaining real-life experience that would act as the foundation of my career.”

– Ana Gubert-Mitchell, Class of 2022

“I applied to the KWPMP because it gives students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience in valuing and analyzing companies as well as managing a real portfolio.”

– Raphael Iliopoulos, Class of 2022

“My decision to apply to the KWPMP was driven by the hands-on nature of the fund, allowing students to benefit from weekly seminars with industry leaders, mentorships, specialized courses and the opportunity to manage a real-life portfolio with feedback from a client committee. As a student from a non-finance background, the KWPMP has offered me all the necessary resources to excel in an industry that I wish to pursue a career in upon graduation. The invaluable knowledge gained thus far, as well as the countless connections that I have established with my peers and alumni alike, would not be possible without Mr. Woods’s generosity.”

– Ioannis Bakopanos, Class of 2023

“When I first heard about the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program, I was amazed at how university students had the rare opportunity of managing a real-life multimillion-dollar portfolio. At that point, I knew my goal at Concordia was to get into the program. Since then, I have met brilliant, motivated and humble people who share a passion for capital markets. Learning finance is unequivocally a crucial part of the program, but we are also taught the importance of keeping our egos in check. The program’s reputation is unmatched, and we continuously strive to build upon it.”

– Justin Rozon, Class of 2023

“Being part of the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program is a true privilege. I am grateful for the learning opportunities through the hands-on practical knowledge of asset management and the involvement of seasoned investment professionals such as our program director, Sukyong Yang, and our esteemed client committee members. In addition, the program instills a culture of giving back through the involvement of various KWPMP students in student associations, modelled after Mr. Woods’s own philanthropic initiatives.”

– Zi Hao Wei, Class of 2023

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