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The International Political Science Association turns 75 this year

APRIL 25-26: Concordia marks the occasion with a conference on the challenges and new directions in multi-level governance
April 22, 2024

The International Political Science Association (IPSA) was founded in Paris in 1949 under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). In 2006, IPSA found a permanent home at Concordia. The 75-year history of this global scholarly organization is being celebrated at a conference April 25 to 26.

The event is dedicated to Challenges and New Directions in Multi-Level Governance, and it is being organized in partnership with the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Canada, the Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal and Concordia. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about the complexities of multi-level governance in the midst of current global challenges.

Kim Fontaine-Skronski is IPSA’s executive director. “The conference will examine the transformation of governance structures from national to supranational levels, reflecting on the changing role of nation-states within a network of diverse actors in the face of global threats such as climate change and sociopolitical upheavals that challenge democratic institutions and international cooperation,” she explains.

“It will coincide with IPSA’s 145th meeting of the Executive Committee, which meets twice a year in different locations around the world. This is the fourth time in 25 years that the Executive Committee is meeting in Montreal, a great opportunity for them to discover Concordia University and our beautiful city.”

The conference will feature 27 panels and two roundtables with some 130 international and local scholars. By integrating diverse perspectives and facilitating an inclusive discourse, the conference aims to guide future research and policymaking in the field of multi-level governance.

The event represents a strategic effort by IPSA to foster continuous academic engagement and collaboration within the international political science community. This will be the third international conference organized by IPSA at Concordia since 2020.

IPSA-Concordia Summer Institute in Applied Diplomacy

Another collaboration between the association and the university is the IPSA-Concordia Summer Institute in Applied Diplomacy, a ten-day program that was launched in 2021. It’s the first IPSA Summer Institute to be held in Canada and the only IPSA summer school not geared toward methodology in political and social sciences.

“Students are introduced to theories of diplomacy in tandem with real-world examples from practitioners across areas ranging from digital extremism to Arctic challenges, Indigenous diplomacy and trade negotiations,” explains Elizabeth Bloodgood, an associate professor in the Department of Political Science.

“Seminars are complemented by a practical hands-on Diplomacy Lab, allowing the participants to work in teams on case studies provided by government analysts and diplomats. Through field trips to Global Affairs Canada (virtual) and the International Civil Aviation Organization, participants explore practitioners’ points of view and have the opportunity to network with Montreal’s vibrant international community.”

The project is an initiative that was developed by Graham Carr, Concordia president and vice-chancellor, along with past IPSA president Marianne Kneuer.

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the IPSA-Concordia Summer Institute in Applied Diplomacy.



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