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Concordia students gain paid work experience without leaving campus

The new Campus Ex-L program provides participants with valuable resumé-building opportunities
February 25, 2022

Pictured: A Black woman and Black man sitting in front of a desk-top computer, and the woman is pointing to something on the screen. “This program was conceived from the ground up with student needs at heart.”

When planning for your life beyond university, earning a degree is one part of the equation. Another is gaining valuable work experience to make you the best candidate for your future job.

Concordia students, you can now combine your academic studies with paid employment opportunities. The new Campus Ex-L (experiential learning) program is designed to provide you with short- or long-term on-campus work projects that match your personal and career aspirations.

And, whenever possible, you can translate your work experiences into course assignments or capstone projects.

“This program was conceived from the ground up with student needs at heart,” says Nadia Bhuiyan, vice-provost of partnerships and experiential learning. “Its primary goal is to provide them with career and professional development opportunities while offering them a valuable source of income.”

Prioritizing equity-seeking groups

Bhuiyan adds that by working on campus-based projects, students can also exercise better time management by saving hours that may be otherwise spent travelling to employer locations.

An important consideration of the program includes providing students from equity-seeking groups with greater access to work opportunities.

“We’re working in close collaboration with many partners across the university, including with, Adamina Partridge, coordinator, and Tsisto Jacco, Indigenous student success coordinator, both at the Otsenhákta Student Centre,” says Effrosene Cocolessis, program coordinator with the Experiential Learning office.

“We are also working in collaboration with Annick Maugile Flavien, manager of the Black Perspectives Office. We want to ensure that at least 10 Indigenous students per term secure Campus Ex-L positions.”

Students interested in finding a job on campus can reach out to the Campus Ex-L program coordinator by email at:

How to get started with Campus Ex-L

  1. To search and apply for on-campus opportunities, visit the Student Success Centre portal and use the Search Jobs button. Log in using your netname and password.
  2. Carefully read and accept the Terms of Service for the Student Success Centre.
  3. From the dashboard on the left-hand side, click on Experiential Learning and then Job Postings.
  4. With new opportunities posted by faculties and departments every day, consider bookmarking and visiting the page on a regular basis. Visit the LinkedIn page of the Experiential Learning office for new on-campus job opportunities. 

Find out more about
Concordia’s Campus Ex-L program.




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