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Campus Ex-L Program

Give CU students a paid work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunity on campus through th e Campus Experiential Learning program (Campus Ex-L). Hiring a student to work with you can provide them with valuable experience towards their academic program, while you benefit from the talent of motivated students to help you advance your projects!

Projects can start at a minimum of 5 hours of work.

Why hire a student?

Offering an internship is a win-win both for you and the student.

Students can help you innovate by offering a skillset that is missing in your unit, providing a fresh perspective on day-to-day operations, and providing you with the opportunity to develop as a leader.

Experiential Learning gives students practical experience through which they can engage in career exploration and self-discovery. An internship bridges the gap between their theoretical studies and life after graduation by allowing them to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. You can play a key role in the student’s professional training and socialization and can help open the doors that lead to their future careers.

Project ideas 

Need some inspiration? This is not an exhaustive list, but it can help get you started.

Invite a student to:

  • Create an exhibit in the 4TH SPACE, or assist in creating one 
  • Design a workshop 
  • Conduct a literature review in a research project 
  • Undertake a portion of research  
  • Design a poster or other promotional materials 
  • Develop a communication strategy, manage social media accounts, maintain a web presence 
  • Create a database, data entry and/or analysis 
  • Develop a survey 
  • Support staff with technology challenges 
  • Assist your graduate student with an experiment


What support resources are available?

Our Campus Ex-L coordinator can assist and support you with the following:

  • Define the scope of your projects and positions
  • Draft a job description
  • Create job postings through the EL job posting platform
  • Recruit a candidate pool for you or your unit to screen
  • Support with the screening and selection process
  • Salary considerations


Three easy steps to post your job

   1. Draft a job description that outlines the project and scope of the student's tasks.

   2. Create an employer profile on the CAPS online platform using the new employer registration button below. 

Please answer Yes to the following question: Will you be posting an on-campus position or experiential learning opportunity?

    3. Post the on-campus internship/job using the button below. 


Questions? Contact us at

Note: Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant opportunities fall under the TRAC Collective Agreement; please refer to your department to post these openings. 

The advertiser bears sole responsibility for the content of the job posting.

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