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A message from Graham Carr, Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs
April 3, 2018
By Graham Carr

I write to update you on the steps that Concordia is taking to address allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour. As a starting point, I want to reiterate and emphasize that we take all allegations seriously. We will not tolerate behaviour that violates our policies as we strive to ensure an environment where all members of our community feel respected and able to flourish.

Recently, we have received some troubling reports that concern our Department of Philosophy. Although the university cannot comment on specific allegations or investigations, we will continue to address concerns that have been raised by individuals who have come forward.

At the same time, we are working actively with the department to address some more general expressions of concern of which we have learned. We have met with the current and the past chair, as well as with faculty members, to hear their views. We are also meeting with the undergraduate and graduate student associations, and with administrative staff in the unit to understand their experiences and perceptions.

These meetings are valuable and necessary if we are to address matters effectively. They also provide an opportunity to remind members of our community about our policies and guidelines, and about the resources available to support individuals who may have observed, or experienced, inappropriate behaviour. We will also soon be providing training to faculty and staff in the department as a further effort to raise awareness and become more visibly proactive.

Over the past few years Concordia has been adapting how it handles allegations of sexual misconduct. This is an ongoing process and we recognize that there is more to do. To assist with this endeavour, the university recently launched a Task Force on Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Violence. I encourage everyone to engage with the work of the task force, whether through the community-wide consultation events, an upcoming survey or direct written input to the task force.

In the meantime, if you, as a member of the Concordia community, have any concerns about misconduct or inappropriate behaviour, please reach out to the Office of Rights and Responsibilities or the Sexual Assault Resource Centre.

Graham Carr
Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs


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