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To explore a complaint option, email us at
or call us at 514-848-2424, ext. 8659.


Concerned about someone's behaviour?

Please contact us if you feel that a member of the Concordia community has engaged in harassment, discrimination, sexual or physical violence or threats. 

What we do:

  • We offer support, advice and information to students, faculty and staff evaluating what to do about behaviour that violates the Code. 
  • We work to address and resolve complaints with formal procedures, including hearings, tribunals, investigations and sanctions.
  • We can also use informal procedures like clarifying perceptions, mediation and providing strategies for resolution.
  • We coordinate procedures to manage risks and/or threats, and provide guidance to the university in handling urgent cases.
  • We aim to restore harmony, collegiality and cooperation following situations of conflict.
  • We offer workshops and training sessions on topics such as harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or violence, and other threatening or violent conduct.

Policies that guide our work

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