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What’s the secret to staying active?

On October 28, a public conversation tackles the challenge of getting us moving
October 28, 2015

Physical activity is indisputably key to a healthy mind and body.

“We should be moving as much as possible throughout the day and minimizing the amount of time we remain immobile,” says Christina Weiss, a clinical exercise physiologist at Concordia’s PERFORM Centre.

But studies show we are less physically active than ever. Which is why, on October 28, Concordia's latest University of the Streets Café community conversation explored this worrying trend.

Organized in partnership with the university's PERFORM Centre, “More Than Willpower: What supports do we need to lead an active life?” is the fifth of nine University of the Streets Café conversations this fall — a series of bilingual public events hosted by Concordia’s Office of Community Engagement, and held in cafés and community spaces across Montreal.

Weiss, who has two decades of experience in the area of health and physical activity, was the evening's guest speaker.

“When it comes to being active, it’s the little things we do that count,” she says. “We want to encourage people to adopt a routine for health; to think of active living as overdraft protection or as a buffer for the Bank of Health.”

5 everyday tips from Christina Weiss on how to stay active

1. Use public transport

2. Get out of your workspace at least once during the day
Get a coffee, run an errand, visit a friend or just go outside.

3. Don't walk through the door to your home right at the end of the workday
Instead, walk around the block and learn one new street name in your neighbourhood, walk around the mall or run an errand.

4. Don’t sit down for at least 30 minutes after you finish your supper
Tidy up, dance to music, play hide-and-seek with the kids, kick a ball around the yard, go to the park, stretch or go for a walk.

5. Make time for a workout in your workday
Ask your employer for permission to add two 15-minutes breaks during the day, or plan a 1.5-hour lunch break.

Find out more about Concordia's PERFORM Centre and University of the Streets Café.


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