Better health through prevention


The PERFORM Centre provides an integrated and comprehensive environment to promote healthier lives through changes in behaviour and lifestyle by offering research opportunities, education, and preventative-based programs.



As one of their first pilot projects, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal have teamed up with Louis Bherer, scientific director at Concordia’s PERFORM Centre, to study whether dance can improve physical and cognitive health in elderly populations.


September 2014
Revolutionizing Alzheimer’s research in Canada
Three PERFORM researchers are part of an urgent national initiative.

Canada’s demographic shift
Concordia professors work to ensure healthier — and happier — longevity



May 9, 2014
Physical activity and brain functions
1st annual PERFORM Centre research conference

April 2014
World Congress on Brain, Behavior and Emotions

Watch our latest video

Louis Bherer, Scientific Director of Concordia's PERFORM Centre and octogenarian marathoner Ed Whitlock discuss exercise, lifestyle and aging well. The event, held on May 1, 2013, was part of the Concordia University - Globe and Mail national conversation series on aging well.

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