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Better health through prevention

The PERFORM Centre provides an integrated and comprehensive environment to promote healthier lives through changes in behaviour and lifestyle by offering research opportunities, education, and preventative-based programs.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)  See the latest updates 

Due to COVID-19: The PERFORM Centre is closed. PERFORM Gym memberships are frozen and once we reopen we will automatically extend all memberships to account for the time that we end up being closed for so that no access time is lost.

Please note that while Quebec may have allowed other kinds of facilities to reopen, the University campus remains closed. As part of Concordia University, PERFORM's gym will therefore remain closed as well until the campus is again open to the public


PERFORM Workshop
Nutrition Month

March is Nutrition Month! In this video, learn about Whole Wheat and how to make an easy whole wheat bread with flax seeds.

PERFORM Nutrition Workshop
PERFORM Colloquium

Sleep and Circadian Factors in Health and Disease with Dr. Sarah Chellappa, MD, PhD. Watch now.

Participate in Research
Participate in Research

Take part in a research study. Click for more information.

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