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Conditioning Floor

The Conditioning Floor features high-quality, well-maintained exercise equipment including free weights, stretching areas and a four-lane walking track.

List of services

Community health programs that take place on the Conditioning Floor are overseen by certified fitness professionals as well student floor monitors from the Department of Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology.

Different types of participant access to the Conditioning Floor can be provided. We offer daily, 10-day, monthly and annual passes.

People participating in kinesis group training

The school’s qualified fitness professionals have advanced academic and practical preparation in exercise science, physical activity, fitness and health, and hold a recognized Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Certified Personal Trainer certification or the more advanced Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP) certification. Our clinical exercise physiologists and kinesiologists are available for consultation services on protocol for projects and/or participants.

A Technogym Wellness System smart key inserted into an exercise machine

The Technogym Wellness System allows participants and researchers to track participant training and progress through a SmartKey. This USB-type key can be individually assigned to each participant and can track personal data and training programs, has an automatic start for guided workouts for easy and efficient training, provides continuous feedback on results and program updates, and facilitates communication with staff and participants.

A group of participants on stationary bicycles listen to a trainer speaking

Our clinical exercise physiologists are available for assessments and exercise program design. We offer detailed fitness assessments and fitness testing, including Submaximal testing, VO2 max testing and body composition testing. We can coordinate your participants for specialised group training or one-on-one supervision of exercise.


The Technogym™ line of exercise equipment available to participants includes:

  • 50 pieces of cardio equipment
  • Full spectrum of free weights
  • Kinesis training system
  • Two complete lines of selectorized weight-training equipment, of which one is wheelchair adaptable

All these machines are tied into software that allows researchers to track exercise results and look for performance improvements.

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