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Gym & fitness classes

Members at the PERFORM Gym in the School of Health have access to the latest teaching methods, the most recent research findings, and to the most advanced fitness equipment which allows them to track their personal goals and their progress.

Member benefits

  • Access to health programs and services
  • Opportunities to participate in research activities
  • Guidance from certified fitness professionals

Gym membership rates

Membership per category

  Concordia students Concordia alumni, staff, or faculty Seniors (60+)
Regular Public
Dual-Member Concordia Students
Day Pass $5 $8
$6 $12 n/a
2-Week Pass $30 $40 $20 $45 n/a
1 Month $43 $60 $30 $69 n/a
4 Months (Semester) $92


$100 $170 $120
Annual (extra options) $260 $350 $250 $460 $290

The new dual membership option for Concordia students allows access to both of Concordia’s gyms; the conditioning floor (Loyola campus) and Le Gym (Sir George Williams campus).

Rates are subject to applicable taxes. Payments can be made by Interac, VISA, Mastercard or American Express. The PERFORM Gym follows the University Academic Calendar and will be closed March 1st and March 29th.

For more information, download the Community Health Programs booklet.

Annual gym memberships

Full-year memberships include use of a Smart Key. Additional options for your membership:

Available to one-year members only. Includes a towel card, a membership hold of up to 8 weeks, and a locker. There is a limited amount of lockers. Program available until quantities last..

Available to one-year members only. Includes a towel card, a basic assessment and program with a student trainer, a membership hold of up to 4 months, and a locker. There is a limited amount of lockers. Program available until quantities last.

TOWEL CARD: Single use: $1 / 20-use card: $10 + tax
Members are required to use a towel. Bring one from home or rent one at the front desk.

We also offer padlocks, athletic therapy, and fitness testing.
Please ask our front desk staff.


Fill out your Clearance and Waiver Forms online

Below is a link to our website where you can securely complete the various clearance and waiver forms that the School of Health requires.

Please complete them online before your visit to register. This will help us serve you more quickly when you visit us in person.

Individual conditioning programs available in the gym

Personal training appointments

Receive personalized support and guidance from a qualified fitness professional. Depending on your needs, you can work with a student in the Kinesiology Clinic or a level 1, 2, or 3 kinesiologist.

For more detailed information, download the School's Community Programs flyer.

The Clinic offers fitness assessments performed by kinesiology internship students Student Clinic
Kinesiologist Level
Programs (Prices do not include taxes) Student / Senior / Member Public Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Basic Assessment and Introductory Program

Includes two appointments of 1 hour.
This program is for those wanting one basic program to get started on the conditioning floor.

$80 $86 $86 $116 $183

Comprehensive Fitness Package  

Includes two appointments of 1.5 hours.
A safe and effective exercise program is designed based on the results of a complete fitness assessment.

$140 $147 $147 $198 $311

Revised Program

This service is available to participants who want to revise their current program. Participants meet with a trainer to update goals and design/review new program to ensure that changes are safe, effective and get the desired results.

$65 $69 $69 $93 $146

Training Appointments  (1 hour)

For participants who have an existing program and would like support, via online modalities (Zoom, Teams) or in person, while they exercise. The appointments can discuss healthy lifestyle goals and next steps.

$39 *

$39 *




Training Appointments  (30 minutes)

$30 *

$30 *




* For members only. Non-members are required to pay a day pass fee.

** Buy ten get one free.


Body Fat Analysis (25 min)

$20 $22 $22 $28 $42

Group fitness classes

JANUARY 22 - MARCH 29 (6 - 10 WEEKS)

Group classes are fun, social workouts that are available at several levels of fitness and activity. Classes are open to everyone, including non-gym members.

Rates for the public, Concordia staff, faculty, members, and seniors (Staff/ Member/Senior), and students. Prices do not include taxes.

Class Public Staff / Member / Senior Student

Senior Bootcamp (Beginner) – Tone muscles, improve strength and balance while performing functional movements.

Mon. 10-11 AM. Jan 22 - Mar 26 (max: 20).

Instructor: Daniela Presta, Kinesiologist

$67 $59 $57

Senior Bootcamp (Beginner) – Tone muscles, improve strength and balance while performing functional movements.

Wed. 10-11 AM. Jan 24 - Mar 28 (max: 20).

Instructor: Daniela Presta, Kinesiologist

$67 $59 $57

Pilates – Activate your core and tone your whole body.

Tues. 12 - 1 PM. Jan 23 – Mar 27 (max 15).

Instructor: Jaime Haraldson

$80 $70 $68

Yoga – Stretch and strengthen your body through movement.

Tues. 1 - 2 PM. Jan 24-Mar 27 (max 15).

Instructor: Jaime Haraldson

$80 $70 $68

Power Pulse Circuit – High intensity interval training to burn fat and build muscle.

Tues. / Thurs. 6:30-7:30 PM. Jan 23 – Mar 28 (max 22).

Instructor: Henry Tung, CSCS, FKQ-Kin

$98 $86 $82

40+ Lifting – Learn proper weightlifting technique for basic weightlifting movements.

Tues./Thurs. 12 - 1 PM. Jan 23 – Mar 27 (max 22).

Instructor: Liz Breton, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator (CSCS), Recreation and Athletics

$170 $150 $146

Tai Chi (Beginner) – Learn the movements and positions of Tai Chi to improve your body and mind.

Tues. 5:30 – 6:30 PM. (max 15). Jan 23 – Feb 27 (6 weeks) in Basketball Gym.

Instructor: Heather MacDow

$60 $53 $51

Dance Class – Explore movement through the art of dance. Our beginner class invites you to discover various styles, learn new moves, and embrace the joy of dancing.

Mon. 12 – 1 PM or Tues. 6 – 7 PM.

Instructor: Anastasiya Gudymenko, Student Kinesiologist and Ballet Dancer at Quebec’s Ballet Tompkins

$145 $125 $99

Spinning – Develop leg strength and improve your fitness with interval-based training on a bike.

Fri. 12:00 - 12:50 or 1 – 1:50 PM; Jan 26 – Mar 22. No class Mar 1.

Instructor:  Emily Martinez de Lee

$110 / class $105 / class $100 / class

Gym hours

  • Monday to Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Weekends: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Hours may vary according to statutory holidays and Concordia closures.

For details about the athlete training schedule, click here

Gym rules & regulations

Understanding the School

During operating hours of the conditioning floor, those participants on the School's conditioning floor have access to the area and equipment for the purpose of exercise.

A School floor monitor is on duty at all times to ensure the general oversight of the conditioning floor. Participants knowingly exercise autonomously and assume all inherent risks associated with exercise.

If you would like an email update on School of Health closures and new programs offered, please indicate this on the participant information form.

Participant access card

  • You must show your participant access card at the main reception and keep your access card on you while on the School's conditioning floor. Due to the School’s unique security requirements as a research centre, there can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
  • Replacement card: a replacement card can be purchased for $4.99.
  • Refund policy: Individuals are eligible for a refund. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the School of Health in order to receive a refund for the unused portion of the access card. A refund will be calculated based on the date of the written refund request. An administrative fee of 10% of the total value of the participant access card will be charged.
  • Medical hold: Upon submitting a written request, a participant may request a hold on their participant access card for a maximum of six months. The participant must submit their request with their participant access card. To reactivate the participant access card, the participant is required to submit a medical clearance note for activity from a recognized health care professional.

Access & code of conduct

Equipment & attire

  1. All personal items must be stored in the locker rooms. Participants without a lock may purchase one at the front desk.
  2. No contents can be left in lockers once you leave the School of Health. Locks left on lockers will be cut and contents of locker will be placed in lost and found. Only gold and platinum members may leave contents in their lockers overnight.
  3. No sports bags or handbags on the conditioning floor.
  4. Equipment and space on the conditioning floor may be reserved for research activities. Steps will be taken to ensure that advance notice is given when equipment will not be available for use.
  5. iPods, cell phones, smartphones or any listening device may be used on the conditioning floor for personal audio use only.
  6. Only sport training clothing, such as T-shirt, sweat pants, and other athletic warm-up gear are to be worn on the conditioning floor. Jeans, jean shorts, any article of clothing with zippers or rivets and other regular outdoor attire are not permitted on the conditioning floor.
  7. Athletic footwear (closed toe and heel) must be worn by all users while training in the facility. No slides or sandals are permitted on the floor.  No outside footwear.

Participants must sign a waiver at registration indicating that they will observe all of the regulations for access to and use of the facilities.

Program participants will be comprised of a diverse population who may be experiencing challenging health situations. As a user of the conditioning floor area, we ask that you be aware of the delicate nature of some of our participants and respect their needs.

The management of the School of Health at Concordia University has the right to revoke access card privileges in case of lack of respect and adherence to the full access and code of conduct.

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