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Imaging Suite

Dedicated solely to human research, the Bio-Imaging platform provides unique access to an environment with multiple imaging devices available to suit your project requirements.  

List of equipment & services


  • Functional assessments, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological imaging and spectroscopy

Auxiliary equipment

  • BIOPAC MP160 physiological data acquisition system
  • Eyelink 1000 Plus eye tracker
  • Psychology Software video projection and response tracker

Coils inventory

  • 8 Channel HD Foot Ankle Coil
  • 8 Channel HD HiRes Brain Array
  • 8 Channel HD MR2 TORSO Array
  • 8 Channel HD Shoulder Coil
  • 8 Channel Wrist Array
  • 12-GEM FLEX COIL 16-s Array Wrist Coil
  • 32 Channel Cardiac Coil
  • 32 Channel Head Coil
  • 32 Channel Head Coil - Nova Medical
  • Head, Neck and Spine Array
  • HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil
  • T/R Knee Array (unified phantom kit)



  • Whole body composition analysis
  • Site-specific bone densitometry


  • Whole-body PET molecular imaging, 64-slice CT and respiratory gating system
  • Post-processing, analysis, presentation

Station equipped with:

  • Treadmill
  • Upright cycle

  • ECube 12R with L8-17, L3-12H, SVC1-6, SC1-4H probes
  • Logiq E with 3S-RS, 2- 12 L-RS, 3-4C-RS probes
  • Supersonic Imagine Aixplorer with SL15-4, XP5-1, SLH20-6, XC6 probes
  • Vivid 9 with 4V-D, M5S-D probes
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