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About the School of Health researchers

Our researchers are experts in disciplines as varied and diverse as exercise science, chemistry, psychology, engineering, computer science, creative arts therapy, big data, and journalism, representing a range of institutions and universities. Some hold prestigious chairs, professorships or fellowships.

Annually, our scientists lead a wide variety and range of interdisciplinary health research projects at the School. They give local, national and international research talks or presentations, publish in leading journals worldwide and receive countless media stories on their work.

Researchers collaborate with Quebec and Canada’s major research universities and centres, and have international research collaborations with centres in more than 19 countries.

Researchers by department

We are proud to have a multidisciplinary group of researchers that include Canadian and Concordia Research Chairs. We invite you to get to know our researchers.

Applied Human Sciences

Shannon Hebblethwaite
Social inclusion and leisure engagement for marginalized communities, including older adults, persons with disabilities, first-time mothers

Shawn Wilkinson
Developing effective, supportive networks for community members living with mental health issues

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dajana Vuckovic
Developing mass spectrometry methods for targeted and untargeted metabolomics and biomarker quantitation in biofluids and tissues

Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE)

Nizar Bouguila
Developing machine learning approaches to extract knowledge from multimodal data

Arash Momammadi
Advanced Biological Signal/Image Processing and Machine Learning Solutions

Yong Zeng
Understanding how people are creative in design

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Tristan Glatard
Building platforms for the efficient and automated processing of Big Data

Marta Kersten-Oertel
Developing novel visualization methods, display devices and interaction paradigms for improving clinical workflows and patient outcomes

Tiberiu Popa
Research includes geometric modeling, animation, 2D to 3D reconstruction, etc. One important focus spatio-temporal geometry acquisition (or 4D geometry acquisition) with vast applications in many disciplines ranging from games, engineering, e-commerce to medical.

Yiming Xiao
Using image computing to improve the efficiency and accuracy of clinical diagnosis and surgery

Creative Arts Therapies

Laurel Young
Understanding how music can help individuals and communities reach their full potential for living well

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Habib Benali 
Modelling of normal and pathological dynamics of the brain's anatomo-functional circuits observed by neuroimaging tools to better understand brain activity in healthy aging and disease

Jun Cai
Both theoretical and applied researches on the development of algorithms, protocols and systems for addressing challenging issues on resource management and traffic scheduling lying in the loop of data processing (acquisition, transmission and analysis).

Glenn Cowan
Electronic design for wireline communication, computation, biomedical sensing and sport technology

Paula Lago

How can pervasive computing and artificial intelligence be used to achieve personalized healthcare at reasonable cost

Hassan Rivaz
Developing novel image processing algorithms to improve detection and diagnosis capabilities of medical imaging

Steve Shih
Developing lab-on-chip (or microfluidic) tools for solving problems in biology and in chemistry

Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology (HKAP)

Angela Alberga
Examining how different factors influence our engagement in healthy behaviours

Simon L. Bacon
How does behaviour influence the development of asthma, cardiovascular disease and obesity

Richard Courtemanche
Brain synchrony and Behavior

Thien Thanh Dang Vu
Understanding the causes of sleep disorders to better inform treatment

Peter Darlington
Our immunology laboratory studies environmental factors that contribute to the risk of developing autoimmunity

Richard DeMont
Understanding the neuromuscular system as it relates to prevention and rehabilitation of orthopaedic injury

Geoff Dover
Correlating psychological factors to tissue pathology in chronic pain patients and athletes

Maryse Fortin
Understanding the role of paraspinal muscle in spinal disorders

Robert Kilgour
Assessing and evaluating rehabilitation and supportive care programs for advanced cancer patients with cachexia

Sylvia Santosa

Studying the skinny on fat in disease development and progression

Elizabeth Teel

How can we integrate physiological and clinical outcomes to improve concussion diagnosis and recovery?

Veronique Pepin
Optimizing exercise testing and training approaches in individuals with chronic cardiopulmonary diseases

Nancy St-Onge
Posture, balance, and movement control in healthy and impaired populations


David M. Secko
New models in health and science journalism

Mathematics and Statistics

Lisa Kakinami
Understanding how our behaviours, lifestyles, and life circumstances relate to obesity and heart disease


Jordan Lebel
Which factors influence consumer food choices at home and away?


Claudine Gauthier
Looking at the impact of lifestyle on the brain in healthy aging

Christophe Grova
Investigating normal and pathological brain functions combining several modalities (electrophysiology and imaging)


Nicole Alberts
What explains the range of difference in coping ability and adjustment among individuals living with a catastrophic or chronic disease

Linda Booij
The impact of early trauma on human brain development and underlying molecular mechanisms

Emily Coffey
How does our brain learn complex skills, like music and language?

Mark Ellenbogen
Understanding the development of affective disorders from a multidisciplinary perspective

Jean-Philippe Gouin

How depression, worry, rumination, and sleep disturbances can amplify stress-induced immune dysregulation

Karen Li
Understanding the cognitive and motor processes involved in multiple-task performance in adulthood and healthy aging

Jennifer McGrath
Untangling how greater stress and poorer sleep may get under the skin to adversely impact children’s health

Virginia Penhune
Understanding the plastic changes that occur in the human brain during motor learning and performance

Natalie Phillips
How cognitive abilities (language, attention) change and interact as we age

Christopher Steele
Quantification of human connectional architecture, cerebellar connectivity and function, and motor plasticity

Affiliate members

Louis Bherer
Effect of cognitive stimulation and physical activity on cognitive decline associated with aging and chronic disease
Affiliation: Université de Montréal

Tamara Cohen
Understanding which health behaviors are related to achieving healthy body weights throughout the lifecycle
Affiliation: University of British Columbia

Kaberi Dasagupta
Developing and testing strategies and programs to reduce vascular disease and its risk factors by addressing physical activity, eating habits, and social determinants of health
Affiliation: McGill University

Maxime Descoteaux
Brain connectivity from state-of-the-art diffusion MRI acquisition, reconstruction, tractography, processing and visualization
Affiliation: University of Sherbrooke

Tiago Falk
Developing signal processing methods that enable innovative automated medical diagnostic and human performance monitoring tools
Affiliation: Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

Richard Hovey
Understanding how community approaches can reduce social isolation for people living with chronic health conditions
Affiliation: McGill University

Paul Martineau
Research program oriented on sport medicine and musculoskeletal trauma focused towards the development of novel treatment and diagnostic strategies
Affiliation: McGill University 

Jean-Paul Soucy
Understanding the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative conditions using nuclear medicine techniques and developing new approaches for diagnosis and for follow-up tests to assess response to therapy
Affiliation: McGill University

David J. Pearsall
Understanding the Biomechanics of Human Locomotion and Injury Prevention
: McGill University

Alain Ptito
Neuroimaging and cognitive markers for the diagnosis, prognosis and rehabilitation of mTBI/concussion
Affiliation: McGill University

Shawn Robbins
Utilizing biomechanical and clinical measures to assess orthopaedic health conditions in both clinical and laboratory settings
Affiliation: McGill University

Mathieu Roy
Understanding how psychological factors can effect pain
Affiliation: McGill University

Emilie Sandman
Research program oriented on Upper Extremity, Sport Medicine and Musculoskeletal Trauma focused towards the development of prevention programs, novel treatments and diagnostic strategies
Affiliation: Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur-de-Montréal

Become a School of Health researcher

If you are interested in becoming a researcher at the School of Health, submit a letter of interest along with your CV.

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