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Functional Assessment Suite

The Functional Assessment Suite is equipped to conduct research, offer community programs and perform assessments that measure movement, flexibility, strength and balance.

List of services

We are furnished with cutting-edge equipment that is used in biomechanics research and clinical assessments. We service a wide range of fields including clinical research, occupational biomechanics, athletic performance and industrial research.

Our software library includes MATLAB, Vicon Nexus, BodyBuilder, Polygon and PKMAS for data processing, analysis and presentation purposes. We also have the programming expertise to assist with these aspects of projects.

A 16-channel Noraxon TeleMyo DTS unit is available for projects that require electromyography (EMG) and/or footswitches. The Functional Assessment Suite can assist with collection, processing and analysis of signals to analyze muscle activity. The DTS unit can be integrated into the motion capture system, enabling simultaneous collection of device data.

Electromyography signals

AMTI force plates

The Functional Assessment Suite is equipped with two AMTI force plates that can measure forces and moments in 3D, and an H2W Perturbation Table capable of inducing linear and rotational perturbations. These devices can also be integrated into the motion capture system allowing for a simultaneous operation of all the devices involved.

A person walking on a ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkway mat

A 20-foot long ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkway mat can be used to conduct gait analysis. This device is particularly useful when gait and balance characteristics of specific populations want to be evaluated.

Our facility is equipped with 8 modular Vicon MX T20 cameras, individual markers and marker clusters that can be arranged for a custom marker set-up that satisfies your motion capture data collection needs. Full-body, half-body, segment and object-tracking capture setups are possible. Motion capture data can be concurrently captured with EMG, footswitch, and force plate data allowing for comprehensive research.


The Functional Assessment Suite has platforms designed to conduct tests that measure movement, flexibility, strength and balance.

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