Get certified to serve alcohol on campus

Plan ahead for your event by signing up for the new 90-minute course
July 18, 2016
By Shelagh Peden


The university has a responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment to the entire Concordia community.

This is why the Dean of Students Office has revised the process for serving alcohol at events on campus, as part of its work with the Concordia University Alcohol Committee.

The Safe Serve Program (SSP)

Certification to serve alcohol used to be granted based on the completion of a brief quiz. Now, students, faculty and staff must register online and attend a 90-minute course, called the Safe Serve Program (SSP), which was designed in collaboration with Concordia experts in the field and students.

“We realized the process was a little too informal and it wasn’t meeting the objective of supporting safe and fun events,” explains dean of Students Andrew Woodall. “People were not taking it seriously so we’ve improved it to make sure community members can have a great time while acting responsibly.”

Woodall’s team met with the experts, collecting research and looking at best practices to ensure the resulting Safe Serve Program fits the university’s needs.

How it works

Once students, staff and faculty have completed the in-person SSP training, their certification is valid for a year. When the year ends, they will receive an automated notification. At that point, they only need to do an annual online “booster exam” to maintain their certification.


Learn more about the training. Register today!

If you are planning a Concordia event where you will be serving alcohol, and you haven’t renewed your certification, please contact the program administrator.

Working with a university-approved caterer continues to be an option for the community, where a professional wait staff serves alcohol to your guests. Consult the list of caterers approved by the university.


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